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How Many Times Do You Make Love To Your Spouse In A Week?

By NBF News
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Ogbaju Chinweike
My wife, Njideka is irrestible. She is charming, beautiful and everything a man desires in a woman. Sex for us has become an everyday affair because of the love, friendship and understanding that exists between us. I cannot resist that woman as long as I am with her. So, counting the number of times in a week is a child's play. With what I have explained to you, you can agree with me that it is something that happens so often. We only keep away when we are fasting or when either of us is not feeling fine.

Nzube Obidiaso
As a young man, I always have urge and I do it. It is not for me to count the number of times and days that I make love to my wife, but I know that it is something one cannot run away from unless the couple are not in good relationship with each other. Even at that, they both satisfy themselves from outside. If you must count my dear, the number will be marvellous in your eyes because I am young and my blood is still hot.

Ude Paulinus
Well sex is not an everyday affair. There are days that a man gets so tired after a day's huzzling. It is also important for you to know that as a man gets older, his desire for sex diminishes. I cannot tell you how many times in a week because each week's activities differ from the other.

Onwuba Tochukwu
I enjoy making love to my wife because I do not wish to cheat on her. To me, no man would stay a whole week without having sex with his wife except when there is a problem. As often as I desire to have sex, I do. When couples are in love, they would always wish to be together and, of course, you know that when two people in love are together, love making follows. It is inevitable to make love. It could be once or twice a day, but the most important thing is that love making exists.

Ifejeola Dada
Sex has to come from the mind. If the mind agrees with your thought, you can have it any time of the day, and even everyday. When you are not in a good state of mind, you may not like to have sex. What I am saying is that when the zeal is there, you can have it anytime. It depends on the individual.

According to the Holy Bible, sex generally is meant for spouses, and when it is with your spouse, the love will be behind it. When the love is behind it, nothing stops you from having sex with your spouse, anytime, anyday as long as he wants it. We are taught that we should not deny our spouse sex. If the man is in that mood, no matter what you're passing through, you should satisfy him, or else the man will be forced to look out for another woman, and when he does that, it will be difficult to bring him back. So, if you really want to have peace at home, you have to show love at home, and sex is one of the ways to keep your home. If you love your spouse, you should be able to please him anytime he wants it. The two of you are meant for each other, and as long as you are meant for each other, there's nothing stopping you from satisfying him.

Idowu Dada
Sex is a matter of mind. For those who are newly married, they ought to do it almost every day. After some times the urge dwindles as a result of responsibilities. It is not as if one does not love his or her spouse but there are other things to take into consideration as time goes on. Also, to avoid having too many children, one can reduce the number of times one has sex as well as to enable you to meet up some other responsibilities.

At this stage, one can have sex once in a week.
Chinyere Ozo
You don't arrange it, you do it as many times as you want it and any time he wants to make love to you. You don't do it only when he requests, but when I need it also, I could tell him. We may do it as many times as possible. At times, we may not even meet, but it all depends on us, as we want it.

Mike Okoro
We still make each other crazy and I think that is why we have such a good sex relationship. You don't do it to count the number but do it because of love for your partner.

Julius Opurum
I do it about 10 times a week.
My spouse and I have sex like three times a week. However, it depends on our mood.