DON'T INVOKE TROUBLE IN OWAN. Oarhe writes S.D.P, I.N.E.C over substitution of name; accuses Jega of electoral malpractices

By Daramola Oluwatunba

Trouble seems to be on the way for the Independent National Electoral Commission, (I.N.E.C), Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega over its failures to comply and apply its electoral act 2010 as amended which recognizes the right of a candidate to contest in an election as the one who emerged at the primary election of a political party.

Consequently, Oarhe Dickson who emerged as candidate of Social Democratic Party, (S.D.P) at her primary election held November 29, 2014 for House of Representatives, Owan federal constituency, Edo state for the 2015 national assembly wrote the electoral umpire accuses I.N.E.C, Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega of electoral malpractices.

Oarhe through his solicitor, N.P OSIFO & CO. in two separate letters addressed to his party [S.D.P] and I.N.E.C, chairman, Prof. Jega copied Edo state resident electoral commissioner, dated 19th January, 2015 and signed by E. Ogierhiakhi (Miss) for: N.P OSIFO & CO. presented, "Notice of Illegal Substitution of Social Democratic Party elected candidate's name."

The content of the letter which was acknowledged receipt by I.N.E.C stamped, signed and dated: 20 January 2015 states that: "our client has briefed us that he emerged as the Social Democratic Party's candidate for the federal House of Representatives, Owan federal constituency, Edo state after the party's primaries successfully conducted on the 29th day of November, 2014 in the presence of members of the Social Democratic Party including three I.N.E.C officers.

"Our client also briefed us that after the successful conduct of the primaries, the party's chairman had without his consent and knowledge intended to substitute his name with one Ekeinde Stephen Obas which he vehemently opposed.

"Our client has further informed us that to his surprise and notwithstanding his opposition, his party chairman had with the collaboration of some I.N.E.C's officers substituted his name with the said Ekeinde Stephen Obas whose name was eventually sent to I.N.E.C's headquarters, Abuja and same was published by you.

"You are hereby given 72hours from the date of your receipt of this letter to erase and removed the said name Ekeinde Stephen Obas from your data bank or whatsoever materials thereof and revert same to our client's name failure upon which you shall leave us with no alternative but to use all available legal means to redress/remedy this situation.

"We further re-emphasize that any attempt to disenfranchised our client by whatsoever means in preventing him from contesting in the forth coming national assembly election will be greatly resisted by all legal means", Oarhe through his Barrister and Solicitor warned.