Tonye Princewill Returns To Nigeria! Kicks Off Campaign! Set To Announce Running Mate


Prince Tonye Princewill is finally set to kick off his 2015 gubernatorial campaign. The buildup, which may seem unusual to many, was necessary and very strategic. From a very vigorous and successful recruitment/ training of campaign volunteers to a very warm Diaspora engagement; his campaign team has gradually gathered all its ammunition for a well coordinated campaign.

The recruitment of campaign volunteers was a huge success. With the largest response coming from the Ogoni, Etche, Kalabari and Ahoada areas of the state, over 3000 volunteers have been registered and are currently being trained for a vigorous, issue based, non violent, door to door campaign. All this will immediately usher in a never seen before community tour of Rivers State. It will interest you to remember that years ago, when elections didn't matter, Prince Tonye Princewill commissioned a World Bank recognized consultancy firm, to tour all the communities of Rivers State to identify the unique issues of communities. This report is the bedrock of his Campaign. Princewill is not coming to make promises, but to make public his well thought and well researched solution to problems that have already been identified.

The Diaspora engagement was a very successful one and included a Town Hall Meeting with Nigerians in Diaspora, Interviews with Ben TV, Arise TV, and Nollywood Movies UK; and also a special session with Hollywood weekly due to his involvement in the Nigerian Entertainment industry. His One point agenda, which is Job Creation, needs a push from forces outside Nigeria to actually work. That is His top priority. Also His politics and campaign activities over the years have evidently been funded largely by his friends and allies in Diaspora. The better days of his life started outside the shores of Nigeria, so his Closest Friends, Allies and Family, obviously are out there and have to be informed and consulted.

In the days to come a lot of activities will kick off and regular updates will be given to all those registered on Prince Tonye's website, . Regular updates, Campaign schedules and Breaking News will be sent daily to all those registered on his website. It may interest you to know that in the coming hours the running mate and campaign team of Prince Tonye Princewill will be announced. Be the first to know; Register now

Wabiye Idoniboyeobu
Personal Assistant – Media and Publicity
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