Court orders alcoholic Father to pay child’s medical bill


One Taiwo Adeoye has been ordered to pay N85,000 for the treatment of his three-year old son he almost squeezed to death when he came home drunk.

Adeoye's ex-wife, Memunat Busari, had told the court that he squeezed the child under the influence of alcohol and this caused the child to develop kidney problem.

“He came home that day in his usual drunken mood, carried the boy and squeezed his abdomen, which caused serious systemic problem for the child.

“Medical examinations at the Oyo State Hospital and UCH showed that the child would require nothing less than N85,000 for his treatment and Adeoye has done nothing about it,” Busari stressed.

Adeoye, however, did not deny the allegation but pleaded with the court to give him more time to get the money.

Mr Ademola Odunade, President of Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, said what Adeoye did was a clear case of child abuse. “The government has empowered the court to severely punish anybody found to be guilty of child abuse.

“Over 80 per cent of social vices among youths are due to bad parental upbringing such as what we are witnessing now.

“I don't know how a father could be so irresponsible to the level of getting drunk and causing such life threatening injury on his son.

“Adeoye shall pay N20,000 on or before Dec. 30 and shall pay the rest in instalments of N5,000 to the ex-wife as cost of treating the child.

NAN recalls that the same court only a month ago put an end to the relationship between Busari and Adeoye