Beware!!! Exposing New Threats To Southern Taraba Zone Power Shift Project


After the joy and relief that greeted the spectacular ejection of Garba Umar (UTC) from the seat he had illegally occupied, certain individuals have banded themselves together to scuttle the gains of that miraculous event. Forces of darkness and agents of division are trying hard right now to cause confusion and truncate the hope and aspiration of the southern zone. Principally, friends and associates of UTC are trying hard to use the rigged delegate election to smuggle UTC men back in power. They have since given up on UTC ever becoming governor of Taraba state, so they now plan to see how they can still come through the back door. We shall give you details later. Let us quickly say here that they would not succeed. Let us also make haste to add that their childishly nefarious plans have been exposed and we are watching constantly to see how far they can go. But the assurances we have is that since their plot has been exposed, it would ultimately be defeated.

Here are their game plans:
1. MEDIA MISINFORMATIONS AND DISTORTIONS: Soon after the victory at the Supreme Court, UTC and his clique went to work. They began by trying to sell some misinformation concerning the status of the verdict. After this failed, they said the consensus candidate of southern Taraba, Arc. Darius Ishaku was not cleared by the screening panel in Bauchi. This lie was designed to dampen the zone and all our well wishers across the state. There were rumors too that the paramount ruler of the Jukun kingdom, His Royal Highness, The Aku-Uka of Wukari, Mallam Shekarau Masa Ibi, has died. In all cases, swift media intervention exposed the lies to the shame of the propagandists. We urge our people to always disregard rumours and to turn to their leaders as authentic source of any news. They also expect all sorts of media lies placed online by our detractors to frighten them, discourage them and to generally ridicule our cause.

2. SMUGGLING IN GENERAL A.T IBRAHIM AS A CANDIDATE FROM THE SOUTH: Our people should beware of that wolf in sheep clothing, Gen. A.T. Ahmed whom UTC and his national cohorts are trying to impose on the southern zone. The plan is to announce to the world that AT Ibrahim is also from the zone, so he could be made governor. There are plans afoot to get him the PDP governorship ticket as a late entrant into the race. But while it is true Ibrahim is from the zone, he is not our consensus candidate. Secondly, he is a stooge of UTC. Thirdly, we cannot trust our common patrimony to a man of shifty character like him. Fourthly, the forces trying to blackmail us into accepting him, are the same forces that protected UTC throughout the period of our grief. Ibrahim is thus an extension of the Pharoanic era; a branch of the old tree we have cut off and the continuation of the degradation of our people and aspirations.

3. ATTEMPTS TO INFILTRATE OUR RANKS: UTC's men are busy trying to infiltrate our ranks. One way to do it is seell dummies to top leadership of our struggle. For instance, in a midnight meeting this week, former illegal commissioner, Ahidjo Musa and Ali Sani Kona, decided to visit our Acting Governor, H.E, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi. They eventually visited him and sold him the idea of allowing them win elections in their wards! You can imagine this. The question to ask is if it were up to Ahidjo and Ali Sani, would they have favored a court victory for the acting governor? was their leader, UTC, not vehemently opposed to Sani Danladi's victory? So why are they now milling around him. We advice the acting governor to discourage these type of fellowship. They don't mean him well and they don't mean well for Taraba either.

4. DSK, UTC COLLABO: One funny plot is brewing seriously. It is a plan by Chief David Sabo Kente (who, by the way, also visited the Acting Governor) to team up with the UTC group in actualizing his dreams. DSK had gone to the UTC camp to solicit for their support, urging them to collapse their structure into his own. He says this is because both he and UTC are fighting the same “cabal”. It is not yet clear if the foxy UTC has accepted this. DSK is said to be angry that his younger brother, Josiah, has been toppled as Speaker. The Kente family saw Josiah's fall as a harbinger and an insult on the clan. DSK is therefore said to be on a war path and prepared to dine with the devil if need be. As it stands now, DSK is gradually becoming the leader of the UTC group. When he eventually visited UTC in his hide out, it was to conclude the deal. We are aware of these funny movements.

Our people should know that there is no shaking. We are focused and on course. We have seen the light at the end of the tunnel and there is no turning back. Arc. Darius Ishaku is the candidate and he would be governor of Taraba state come 2015. Nothing, by God's grace, can stop that.

Danji Ahmadu
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