Bushman In Mende” Documentary Live In America

By Alayande Stephen

Arrangement is on top gear by the producers of “Bushman in Mende” an adventurous documentary series meant to be taken to this year's America Film Market Conference with a view to showcasing the innate and exceptional ability of Mr. Ogeh Abiodun Stephen a.k.a Bushman.

The documentary series will be followed by adventurous African Hero movie to be co-produced by two leading production firms in Lagos, Optimum Blitz-krieg Concepts and Eagles House Global Resources. Bushman lives and stays in a place called Mende, in Maryland, Lagos, hence, the title of the documentary series “Bushman from Mende”.

The firms will be looking for collaboration and co-producers/investors for the first adventurous African Hero movie coming out of Nigeria if not Africa. The Bushman story is an African story depicting and showcasing the Bushman as an African Hero despite his weird ability of devouring all kinds of live animals including fish, crabs, maggot etc. Aside this, the story also revolves around thematic thrust of love, slavery, exploitation, bravery, hope etc.

According to the MD/CEO of Optimum Blitz-krieg Concepts, one of the producers of the film, Mr. Okeke Obinna Alfred said “we have carried out research on the character that is known as Ogeh Abiodun Stephen a.k.a Bushman, who is readily available to convince investors and co-producers at the American Film Market by eating live aquatic animals and express his other qualities that makes him so unpredictable”, he postulated.

The America Film Market Conference billed to take place between November 5th-12th, 2014 at Santa Monica, California, United States is adjudged to be the world largest motion picture trade event, bringing producers, distributors and senior executives from over 65 countries. The AFM has been in existence since 35 years ago. This year's conference Africa Roundtable is themed – (Breaking New Frontiers for International Co-Productions with Africa).

Hence, the need to tap into that.
In the words of the Creative Director of the BUSHMAN Project who equally doubles as the MD/CEO of Eagles House Global Resources Mr. Alayande Stephen T., he said “ I consider this collaborative effort on this project as massive and unquantifiable in opportunity. This is the era where African story is not only been told to Africans but also established as a force to reckon with globally. With the Bushman movie, we intend telling a story of an African hero that has never been told before.

The Americans have a lot of Hero characters in Spiderman, Batman, James Bond 007, while Japanese talks about the Last Samurai etc, so, Bushman gives us the first African Hero story and we can't wait to showcase it to the world” , he stated with pride.