Orji Uzor Kalu Remains A Facile Liar! Don Ubani

By Don Ubani
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Between Chameleon and Leopard, there is a wide world of difference. While the Chameleon is panchromatic and, therefore, adapts to environmental changes the leopard is stereotyped and, so, rigid. No wonder why it is usually said that the Chameleon changes its colour while the leopard never changes its colour.

Taking these two biological creatures to represent two different persons, each per person, could be a very apt analogy in the context of the unfolding exposition. Before highlighting the crux of this piece, it would be necessary to buttress the fact that it is always reasonable and logical for one to be very meticulous in the choice of animate metaphors in trying to conjure a juxtaposition. Any time objects for comparison are wrongly chosen, the anticipated result is always antithetical.

Even though I am a thinker, Orator and writer, I have had cause to be mindful and also selective of what I read. I have taken this position because the mind, no matter how strongly developed, could be subjected to pollution. As a knight of St. Christopher of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, I am very well informed that a cleric of the Anglican Communion is deeply developed in the spirit. He knows the difference between God and the devil. Still at that, he maintains his chastity by keeping a safe and incorruptible distance from the necromancer.

Sequel to the above expose, I hardly buy the sun Newspaper. Even in the internet, I seldom go searching for news from its Website. My reasons are in the plurality. One is traceable to the circumstances surrounding its initial funding and establishment, including the equipment with which the paper took off. The second is my conviction that the paper, as a corporate entity, has a policy that is geared towards the propagation of falsehood. A third reason why I do not like reading the newspaper is that the proprietor of the paper, being aware that his tenure as governor of Abia State for eight years was an abysmal chaos, unethically uses the paper to give himself and members of his family, whose only aim while he held sway in Abia State was to loot the state treasury, false protection. But on Sunday 24th August, 2014, someone drew my attention to a publication on Page 71 of Saturday Sun of the previous day. I asked a relation to buy a hard copy of the paper for me upon which I saw it was Kalu leadership series which was preposterously tagged “Theodore Orji's endless lies”.

Because of the title of the write-up, I decided to read it not cursorily but very critically. At the end, the summary was his psychological devastation that Governor Theodore Ahamefule Orji recently alleged that he dumped him and his moribund “Progressive People's Alliance” because “he led him and some of his commissioners to a shrine in Okija in Anambra State”.

After reading what he wasted one full page writing, I had cause to be sober and even worried. I was worried just because the fund and equipment used in establishing the sun newspaper were meant for the modernization of the State's own Ambassador Newspaper but which, as Governor of the State, he criminally and craftly diverted to establish the Sun Newspaper as his own private media outfit. I, therefore, asked myself a rhetorical question, “if Orji Kalu were to pay for the space he used in producing and dumping this quantum of derisive and putrid irrelevance, would he be satisfied with the mercenary that wrote it for him?” I have used “Mercenary” because anybody that knows Orji Kalu would certainly tell whoever that cares to listen that Kalu's background cannot enable him to write on his own two sentences in English language that are correct. Even when he speaks in any public forum, Abians are usually ashamed that thatwas the quality of a Governor they had the misfortune of having as recent as eight years ago.

On the subject–matter of his vexation and trauma, which borders on his allegation that he was lately accused of forcefully taking people to swear to an Oath of fetish allegiance, I want to say here that I am yet to read any piece in which Governor T.A. Orji, Ochendo, ever said that Orji Kalu took him to any place, including Okija, for Oath–taking. I have also not heard him say so to my hearing.

But that Ochendo has not said it does not in any way exonerate Orji Kalu from that heinous criminal intimidation of innocent Abians through the primitivity and crudeness of forceful oath–taking. As the caption of my write-up implies,Orji Kalu remains a facile liar. I say this because of his false claim that the latest in Governor T.A. Orji's deliberate lies against him is that he dumped him because he led him and some of his commissioners to a shrine at Okija in Anambra State to swear to an Oath of allegiance”. If Orji Kalu claims that the above is the latest allegation against him, does he want to suggest that this is thefirst time he is being accused of coercing his followers into fetish oath–taking?

Orji Kalu in the same piece under discussion claimed that he had restrained himself from replying to Ochendo's “insults and castigations for almost eight years”. This claim is a characteristic revelation of Orji Kalu as a pathological liar. On January 21, 2012 and on Page 71 of the Sun Newspaper, Orji Kalu came up with his lamentations titled, “Paying Back Evil for Good”. In that write-up, he fruitlessly spared no effort to paint the people's Governor black.

Orji Uzor Kalu's eight-year tenure as Governor of Abia State represents the darkest epoch of Abia State as a corporate entity. If it had stopped at the constitutionally stipulated eight years of his governorship, the consequences would not have been as devastating as it would later be as he, his mother; Eunice and his siblings insidiously constituted themselves as incubuses against the administration and economy of the state even in the first three years of Ochendo's first tenure. This is to say that for eleven years; 1999 to 2010, the Orji Kalu's family looted, raped and ravaged Abia State. It is the collective prayer of Abians that no family of such Kleptomaniacs shall ever have anything to do with the affairs of the State again in life. Lest we forget, Orji Kalu had no house of his own at Igbere before he became a Governor.

The palatial mansion he lives in now at his home–town of Igbere was started and completed as Governor of Abia State. But in his characteristic misrepresentation of facts, he now claims he built the mansion long before his emergence as a Governor. Before his emergence as Governor of Abia Stat in 1998, Orji Kalu was completely a tenant in Lagos, both where he lived and where he had his office.But today, Orji Kalu has accumulated enormous wealth, in Lagos, Abuja and overseas. Being the unrepentant liar that he has always been, Kalu claims that he had acquired such property before becoming a Governor.

Orji Kalu was so shamelessly heartless in looting the treasury of Abia State that he had the temerity to buy aeroplanes and a ship in his first tenure as Governor.

Back to the question of oath–taking, Orji Kalu is only being mischievous by reminding the Ochendo–liberated people of Abia State of that holocaust that was his tenure as Governor.

I was very close to Orji Uzor Kalu and his mother. I know in their characteristic inclination to falsehood, they would deny knowing me, much more having anything to do with me. Truth is, however, as constant as the Shakespeariannorthern star. In 1997, Orji Kalu and a good number of Abians were in the defunct United Nigeria Congress Party; U.N.C.P. I was the State Vice Chairmanof the Party incharge of Abia–South Senatorial Zone. Surveyor Rowland Onyeizu was the State Chairman of U.N.C.P. At a time, there was disagreement between the mother of Orji Kalu and Chief Onyeizu. Their misunderstanding became so intractable that things had to fall apart while the centre failed to hold.

Being Vice Chairman from Abia-South where Chief Onyeizu hailed and still hails from, I metamorphosed to being the Party Chairman via a special state congress held at Nwannedinamba Hall at Macaulay Street, Umuahia.

The following day, as early as 7a.m, the Mother of Orji Kalu; Eunice, sent her driver and a police orderly attached to the family, Corporal Douglas, to come and bring me from my country–home at Umuiku-Isi-Asa. I managed to brush up and joined them to her Nweke Street residence at Aba. There, she told me that some elders of her Bende Origin wanted to discuss with me because of the strategic importance of my position as Chairman. In my innocence, I perceived nothing diabolical in her request since I knew I would not use my position to frustrate her son's ambition to become Governor.

We, thereafter, left Aba for Bende. Among those that were in my company were the Police corporal Doughlas and one Ifeany Nwangwu who was Chairman of U.N.C.P in Aba-North and the driver. Both Doughlas and Ifeanyi are now late. I was driven to a very remote part of Bende called Umuhuezechi. It was there that if dawned on me that I was being taken to a juju shrine for an oath–taking. The point I am making here is that Orji kalu and his mother had been taking people to shrines for oath of allegiance even before the formation of P.D.P. Orji Kalu and his mother cannot deny this fact as I had said it for the umpteenth time. I even did a full page advertorial to this effect on Page 34 of Vanguard of Friday January 11, 2013. In my different other publications on Page 61 of Nation Newspaper of January 23, 2012 and on Page 22 of Nation Newspaper of January 18, 2013 I alluded to Orji Kalu's unpardonable atrocities of inducingfollowers into oath–taking.

After the proscription of United Nigeria Congress Party in 1998 following the death of military dictator Gen. Sani Abacha and the subsequent formation of People's Democratic Party; P.D.P., Orji Kalu and his mother became extra-ordinarily intoxicated with the ungodly practice of insisting that their supporters must swear to oath to assure their loyalty. Towards the end of 2002, they had discovered the Ogwugwu shrine at Okija and because Orji Kalu had engaged himself and even the State in many absurdities of conflicts and confrontations;his unwarranted and unjustifiable fight against his Deputy; Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, his invasion of the State House of Assembly and his irresponsible confrontation against the Federal Government of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Orji Kalu and his mother felt that the only way they could be sure of any follower's loyalty was by forcing the person to swear to an oath.

It was at that period that the mother directed that I should go to Okija, sometime in January 2003, for a more re–assuring oath–taking as they had more faith in the Ogwugwu Shrine than that of Umuhuezechi. I was by then a Special Adviser to Orji Kalu. I bluntly refused this instruction and threatened that I would sue them for reparation for the one they had earlier taken me to. Besides, I made them to know that I had become a Knight of the Anglican Communion and had jettisoned the devil and its instruments of destruction. Grudgingly, they spared me but from then on there was no love lost between the Kalu's and I.

The argument by Orji Kalu that he did not take or lead anybody to any shrine for oath taking is completely untenable. This is because he did not need to personally lead any person to a shrine as he had many partners-in-crime, who aided and abetted that act of desecration of human faith and dignity. Afterall, the day I was taken to Umuhuezechi neither his mother nor himself accompanied me. But the black saloon 504 car that conveyed us to Umuhuezechi and the goat that was presented at the shrine were provided by the family.

Orji Kalu talked of performance in his hired write–up, I just would not go into any attempt to compare his performance for eight years and Governor T. A.Orji's five years as Orji Kalu, his mother and siblings voraciously eroded his first three years. But for purposes of stating the obvious, I have to assert that if the five years Ochendo would be staying in office as Governor as at 29 May, 2015 could be divided into ten, that is each being six months, what Orji Kalu achieved in his eight years would definitely be less than fifty percent of what Ochendo would have achieved in each of the ten six months. There can be any basis for comparison between Governor T. A. Orji and the charlatan called Orji Kalu.

Returning to my analogy between the chameleon and the leopard, I want to sympathize with Orji Kalu who, by calling Ochendo a chameleon, thinks he has used a derogatory description of the Governor Ochendo, indeed, is a chameleon and should remain a chameleon. A chameleon, as I had earlier qualified, is panchromatic and by this description, it means that any man that has characteristic features of a chameleon is capable of adaptability, flexibility and sensitivity to the aspirations of the people within his milieu. If Ochendo had not been panchromatic, he would not have been sensitive to the plight of Abians who were subjected to the extremity of exploitation, extortion and total socio-economic deprivation and devastation and, therefore would not have liberatedthem from Orji Kalu enslavement.

On the other hand, Orji Kalu, as the leopard that he has always been, can not change attitudinally and will never be sensitive to the feelings of the masses of Abia State whom he milked dry with his mother and siblings. Orji Kalu claimed he did over seventy–five roads within his eight years tenure. He should have had the moral courage of mentioning the roads for purposes of verification and accuracy. Kalu thinks that Abians are handicapped by amnesia but the reverse is just the case.

Each time Orji Kalu talks of reputation he built over many years, I spontaneously tell myself that the animal called man is fundamentally criminal and deceitful. Is Orji Kalu that is laying claim to reputation not the one that stuffed a carton with paper-cuttings and fraudulently presented it as a one million naira donation during Borno State Education Endowment Fund raisingCeremony in Maiduguri? Has Orji kalu, who has just woken from his left and remembered reputation, forgotten his shame–laden effort to deceive the Abia State University, Uturu when he unscrupulously bulldozed his way into the University, even as the visitor to the Institution, to gain admission as a student albeit not being in any way qualified?

It is also strategic to take note that Orji Uzor Kalu has severally claimed that he never knew that Governor T.A. Orji was characteristically cunning and deceitful. My take on this is that Orji Kalu does not realize that by making such a claim, he is only exposing his mental porosity by being incapable of effectively studying and predicting some one he had closely worked with for eight consecutive years.

Orji Kalu is humiliated and tormented by the volume of achievements recorded, so far, by Governor T.A. Orji who, contrary to his calculation, has converted his five years of liberation–administration into a construction machinery that has ceaselessly, even as the administration is winding up, churned out projects that will outlive the next three generations of Abians. Inferiority complex has certainly set in and naturally Orji Uzor kalu, who is now beating about the bush and aimlessly boxing into the air, remains a facile liar.