Grasscutter Farming: Turning Passion Into Profit

By The Rainbow
Grasscutter Farming: Turning Passion Into Profit
Grasscutter Farming: Turning Passion Into Profit
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The world needs entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs; lift the standard of living, usher new technology into society, and keep competition alive in the marketplace.

At Jovana Farms, we aim to bring agro business opportunities to the easy reach of our teeming population. As you will agree, we live in frightening times as these facts and statistics show:

About 54% of Nigerian Youths are unemployed, less than 3% make it on their own in business today. Jobs are getting workers no-where. Millions feel swallowed up by the economy. Workers are working hard, but hardly making ends meet. No pension or social security, and so no retirement. About 40 million Nigerians are unemployed. And the list goes on: Would you be open minded to hearing about a business if it could potentially add substantially to your income, without jeopardizing what you do now? Is this the right time in your life that you could take action if presented with something that had enormous financial potential? Do you keep your eyes open to making money in areas outside of your business or career? One of the best and overlooked ways to earn more money is to develop alternative income streams by investing in grasscutter farming.

Life is too short to spend it unfulfilled. If you are looking for a new direction to explore business diversification try grasscutter farming. Joblessness and insufficient income can be  a thing of the past, as you can make over 500 percent returns by investing N60,000 on grasscutter farming, and turn your passion for animal farming into a big business!. Sadly Nigerians inclination to go into business in the field where thousand have already made their fortunes has led to the utter neglect of such lucrative area as grasscutter breeding.

“If you want to succeed, strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. Explore uncharted business paths” Grasscutter farming though a relatively new in livestock farming, is a viable commercial venture. Only few Nigerians for now have penetrated the lucrative market and reaping cool big-profit without stress. What are you still waiting for? Stop guessing and join the growing business. Do you know that demand for grasscutter meat can never be met? And that cost of production is cheap and the high rate of multiplication is amazing? Are you aware that with few grasscutters, your passion for animal farming could be transformed into prosperity? Pass the message.

Nigeria's academic curriculum is defective and this had led to limited teaching techniques and dearth of thinking abilities among the youths. The increasing unemployment in the country was the result of poor policy planning and implementation of the nation's educational system.

The standard of education in the USA and Asia were designed to test the ability of students to think independently and develop their initiatives. Knowledge and its application are deployed to the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities in developed nations and this they achieve by fashioning a school system that teaches students actualization of scientific processes for the purpose of creating wealth for individuals and collective benefit. The educational system in such countries revolves around inspiring young minds to undertake researches that explore the sustainable usage of resources. The rising unemployment should also be blamed on the disconnect between learning and societal needs. The Nigeria educational curriculum teaches more of theory and neglect practical. Sound education is knowledge through practical and it is sad that many people have the wrong notion of what education is all about. In the US, there is what is called 'New Generation Standard' which is a policy designed to aid learning and move away from the conservative approach. The missing link in Nigeria today is the practical experience and understanding of what the society needs.

We should let our youths understand that no government can create enough jobs for its citizen, government creates enabling environment while the people create jobs themselves. Our people should be taught how to be part of the solution and not job seekers.

At Jovana Farms, we are  looking inwards and focusing on the neglected, but vital sources of animal protein for household diets, export  and employment  generation. Therefore our nationwide agro-seminar is intended to provide useful information on the various aspects of animal production, create awareness and thus motivate Nigerians to get involved in agriculture. Attend our nationwide seminars nearest to you and learn about grasscutter farming.