What You Shouldn't Do In A Relationship

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For those who are single, it may be tough initially to accept that their friends will no more be available all the time. There are chances of them feeling neglected. So, it's important for couples to check their behavior in the company of friends. Here are certain things you should never do.

1. 'Baby' talk
Its okay to call your lover 'baby', but don't treat him/her like one in public. Do not fuss over each other unnecessarily. You don't have to constantly remind your partner to eat, drink or sleep.

2. Joined at the hip
As a couple, you may feel the need to be together all the time. But if a friend invites you for a movie, never say, 'I'll have to ask my girlfriend/boyfriend if I can come'. Why this sudden change in behavior? Being in a relationship or marriage doesn't mean forgetting old friends.

3. Matchmaking
Never criticize your friends' single status just because you are in a relationship. And don't try to fix them up with 'potential' partners. If they want help, they'll tell you. Otherwise, just let them be.

4. 'We' in every conversation
Most couples do this even before they're married. It's okay if you are talking about something that you did together. But why should you insist on saying 'we', when 'me', 'he' or 'she' is more appropriate? There are times when you have to speak as an individual.

5. PDA can be avoided
When in love, you may find it difficult to keep your hands off each other. Public display of affection ( PDA) is not wrong, but there is a time and place for everything. Getting touchy-feely in front of your friends may make them feel awkward.

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