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Essentials, accessories and non-issues


Pastor Areogun
 - Luke 10:38-42
n every sphere of life and vocation, there are the essentials, the accessories and the non-issues. Many people have missed out on the essential things of life and all they are pursuing are the non-issues. Whatever is your calling, career, position or placement, there will always be the essentials, the accessories and the non-issues.

Men that will matter in the overall scheme always put a priority on the essentials; the apostles said it is not reason, it is not right, it is not desirable that we should leave the ministry of the word and serve tables! No wonder they were apostles. Whenever you leave the essentials of your calling and career, you stop being relevant to a large degree.

Jesus told Martha that Mary has chosen the right thing and it will not be taken from her. You should understand that there are takers in life; these are forces that reduce and deplete whatever they come in contact with and you must have the essential of the word of God abounding richly in your heart.

Your place of prayer, worship and fellowship with God are essentials as you go on in life, accessories will be the things that you wear and how you look on the outside and the non issues will be whether or not people like you. You should make sure that you are clothed well spiritually; what words are you confessing over yourself as you go into the day and not just wearing perfumes.

The life of Naboth the Jezreelite (in 1 Kings 21:1-3) shows us that divine heritage is a critical essential in the life of a Christian. Never forget who you are in the overall scheme of things in the body of Christ. Never tolerate any attempt by men to dissociate you from the anointing that God is using to preserve you and keep you in Jesus name, amen.

Your ability to hear from God and how to be led by the Holy Spirit are essentials regardless of your field of endeavour and it is my prayer that you will not trade the essentials in your life for the non-issues in Jesus name, amen.

Prayer: Lord I receive grace to pay attention to the essentials in my life and destiny in Jesus name, amen. Deliver me from every tendency to be careless and focus on the wrong things in Jesus' name.