A Note of Warning to Wives and all Women as World Cup Begins, By Adegbenro Adebanjo

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The World Cup starts in Brazil on June 12. And millions of people round the globe, especially men who follow the round leather game with dizzying and at times irrational passion, will be glued to their television sets as they watch and monitor the proceedings of the world's most exciting sport.

It is important for all women to be at their best behaviour as the men savour the drama, heart ache and sheer excitement of the world Cup. When a match is going on it is not the time to distract your husband by introducing what you think is an important matter. No, football is not more important than the wellbeing of the family just that at that point your man's entire attention is fixed on the match. Just sit and watch with him or simply let him be. And if the match involves the Super Eagles it is crucial for you to align with your man, don't make any remark that will exasperate him, don't overtly criticize his action or his team. Please and please don't ask infuriating questions like whether the match is being played at Onikan Stadium or what's in it for him. He is already worked up so don't pour petrol on a raging fire. There is a lot in it for him. Football provides a window to let off steam in this season of pervading gloom. It also gives ardent supporters the avenue to express patriotic feelings about their country.

If he has invited a couple of friends over and they start to make noise and rant in the heat of a football match and you cannot just fathom why grown up men will behave in such a childish manner, just keep your peace. Don't spoil the fun by scolding them and asking them to shut up. If you cannot cope with their maddening noise simply relocate to a quiet part of the house. And you don't have to be there for long, your agony will be over in about 90 minutes.

And the worst offence you can commit when a world cup match is going on is to switch off the television set or attempt to block his view in order to get your man's attention. That action which your man will see as wicked, thoughtless, demeaning and unwarranted and disruptive may do permanent damage to your relationship. The story is told of a South American man who was watching a World Cup match in his sixth floor apartment, after failing to get his attention over an urgent matter, the wife stood in front of the television set. Unfortunately it was the time the man's team was about to score a goal. The man calmly walked to the woman scooped her up and threw her through the window; He only realized the tragedy he had engendered after the match. That is an extreme reaction, but we have heard of marriages and relationship that were irreparably damaged because of perceived insensitivity of women to their partners' needs and passion for the game of football especially when the stage is the World Cup.

To get the best out of your man, study the match fixture, remind him of the timing, prepare his favourite snack and drink during match time, and serve him at regular intervals.  If you can and you are up to it join the fun and be his football mate for the entire duration of the World Cup, He will never forget your support forever. You may even pray for the success of his team. Let him know about the prayers and that you are praying for the Super Eagles because of him.

And this is critical; make sure you look out for signs of distress and other signs of health related complications in your man before, during and after matches. Some women who abandoned their men to their fate during football matches have become widows while others are nursing men who became critically ill as a result of debilitating ailments they picked up in the heat of football matches. When a match is over you know what to do to calm your man down and if symptoms persists be the first to suggest that it's time to see a doctor. And if you know that the heart of your man is not fit enough for the tension of football matches, use your woman's wiles to dissuade him.

Congratulate him when his team wins and emphasize with him when his team loses. And wait for this, this time will pass away. On July 13, the madness will end and you will have your man back for keeps.

If you follow these tips to the letter the World Cup in Brazil will cement your relationship and after July 13 when it ends your home will become another sambaland where joy and laughter will abound.