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APC Blasts Jonathan, Calls Him Insensitive

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has said President Goodluck Jonathan

is exhibiting the traits of an insensitive and utterly hardhearted leader

by returning to his illegal campaign trail, barely 24 hours after 75 of

his compatriots died in a bomb blast in Abuja, and as news broke that 200

school girls have been abducted by Boko Haram in Borno.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Wednesday by its Interim National

Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also renewed its call

on the President to urgently convene a
stakeholders' summit and

pursue a nonpartisan approach towards ending the insurgency, as it is now

very obvious that the challenge posed by it is beyond the capacity of the

It said the President's quick return to the hustings was reprehensible and

has shown that his visit to the scene of the blast was merely to avoid the

kind of flak he has received for refusing to visit Yobe, where 43 school

children were massacred recently, rather than a genuine show of sympathy

by a truly compassionate leader.
”The message that President Jonathan is sending to Nigerians is that

keeping his plum job, at all cost, is more important to him than the

security and welfare of the same people who voted him into office.

Otherwise, the President would not have rushed back to his illegal

campaign trail at a time he should be leading the nation in mourning the

”A President who said his ambition is not worth the blood of anyone is now

dancing gleefully on the graves of over 70 of his compatriots. What is so

important about the illegal campaign stop in Kano on Tuesday that could

not have waited for the smoke to clear from the scene of the deadly blast

on Monday? Who will President Jonathan rule over when his countrymen and

women are being daily mowed down under his watch?
”Without mincing words, President Jonathan erred badly by not showing

enough sympathy for the victims of Monday's blast. More people died in the

blast than from Kenya's mall shooting last September, yet President Uhuru

Kenyatta declared three days of national mourning during which flags at

public buildings flew at half mast and the people of Kenya prayed for the

dead and the injured.
”In 2012, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari ordered the immediate postponement of all

activities long planned to mark his 70th birthday, following the death in

a helicopter crash of Gen. Azazi, Gov. Yakowa and others in a helicopter

crash in Bayelsa. Such is the stuff of a great leader.

The party urged President Jonathan, as a father, a leader and a human

being, to take a moment of deep introspection, to reflect on his actions,

adding: ”Perhaps he will realize that long after the glitz of office would

have dimmed and the retinue of lick-spittle aides would have vanished, a

leader would be remembered more for his humanity than his vanities.”

APC said it was imperative for the President to hearken to the voice of

reason because his aides and party officials, desperate not to be pushed

off the gravy train, would rather blame everyone but the President and

themselves for the woes that have befallen Nigeria under

President's watch.