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Jonathan's administration must stop the bloodshed now says Tinubu

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National leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has expressed his condolences and grief to the families who lost their loved ones to the deadly blasts in Abuja, saying the killing of innocent citizens must stop.

In a statement by his media office, he said the shedding of blood has continued because the Jonathan administration has not devised a grand strategy against this menace, either locally or internationally.

While commiserating with bereaved families, Tinubu urged the PDP-led administration to stop treating security of life and property of Nigerians with levity.

“It is another gloomy chapter not only for families, but it reinforces the fear and vulnerability of Nigerians.  I condemn in the strongest terms the Nyanya bombings and the violent attacks perpetrated by Boko Haram. The killings are detestable, especially those of students and other innocent Nigerians. All peace loving Nigerians must condemn this mindless slaughter in the strongest of terms. No religion, Islam or Christianity, condones the killings of innocent lives for which there can be no justification.”

I call upon the law enforcement agencies and the President to spare no effort in bringing the perpetrators to book. The Jonathan Presidency must do all in its powers and within the ambit of the law to halt the Boko Haram nightmare,” he said.

Lamenting that thousands of lives have been needlessly lost to the escalating violence, Tinubu said the tempo and consistency of attacks suggest that this government's approach is not only wrong, but also wrongheaded.

“For how long shall we cry over the failure of intelligence and misuse of military deployments? For how long shall we weep over the avoidable deaths, loss of talents and gloom in Nigerian homes? When the story of this generation is told, who shall escape responsibility for the mammoth human lives and resources lost to the slaughter?” he asked.

Reacting further on his twitter handle in the aftermath of the bloody violence that claimed scores of lives, Tinubu said that President Jonathan must be prepared to accept the blame over the deadly attacks by the Boko Haram. He said: “This morning's bomb blast in Yanyan, Abuja, and the mindless deaths is dastardly. It is an indictment of the Jonathan government. My heart bleeds for our people and the country over the deaths in Yanyan. A government (that is) unable to protect its citizens deserves to be queried.”

The opposition leader also said Nigerians must rise up to demand better security from the government, adding that “As a country, we are united in grief over the Nyanya attacks, but as a people, we must rise up to demand this government provides better security. Nigeria's security outlook is depressing; the unending attacks suggest a failure of intelligence. Government must rethink its strategy now. On matters of security, the bulk stops at the President's table. Like in other countries, Jonathan is the Chief Security Officer. Just as Jonathan laps up praises, he must bear responsibility and accept blame over Boko Haram's deadly attacks.”

He upbraided the government for its attitude towards the death of its citizens, saying while too many lives are being shed, too many limbs severed, “this government carries on with its cavalier attitude.”

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