Re: Tukur Mamu Should Face His Charges

By Israel Ekene

After the two page LEADERSHIP advertorial on Monday 7th April, 2014 and in DESERT HERALD of 8th April, 2014 in which our Publisher, Malam Tukur Mamu sufficiently exposed the official intrigues, blackmail and forces behind the fake and unregistered association called Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria - efforts to implicate him on phantom allegation of certificate forgery and plots to instigate the police to arrest him by all means - after losing faith in the court, the management of DESERT HERALD, going by the calibre of people that want to destroy the company and our publisher by all means, naturally expects the worst from the criminal antecedents of those that are plotting his fall.

For us and every rational and reasonable human being, it is one thing writing the tales that myopically come to your mind on the pages of newspaper and another probing same. We are sure that if the likes of the corrupt Director of Treasury of the FCTA, Ibrahim Bomoi truly have the so called evidences they always claimed to possess or alleged against our publisher, they will not be frustrated and desperately impatient to wait for the cases in court to be determined. They also would not have been so desperate at instigating and misleading the police to do the dirty job they woefully failed to execute against our publisher, despite the millions of naira they spent so far.

Even if our Publisher, Tukur Mamu is finally implicated and defeated today which they will not leave to see insha Allah, as a very committed young man he has made history. Only few people will survive what our publisher has gone through over the last one year in the hands of very selfish and corrupt sycophants that are doing everything possible to ridicule before the public and destroy their own boss, the FCT Minister because of the hypocrisy to be seen or be regarded as very loyal and for some of them like Nosike Ogbuenyi to get means of defrauding the FCTA through frivolous and bogus claims and request for money to deal with the Tukur Mamu project.

Only God and probably Bomoi knows what Nosike has so far spent and the money he has cornered for himself through his office in a consistently failed efforts to destroy our publisher in the last one year. He has shortchanged media houses and hired writers to his selfish advantage, when the jamboree was at its highest peak last year. Nosike is not happy when respected elders intervened between Mamu and his boss and as a result the blind approvals for the Mamu project he hitherto used to get at regular intervals discontinued.

Nosike's office due to desperation and lack of professionalism woefully failed to destroy Mamu and DESERT HERALD in the last one year despite the millions he consistently deceived through lies and exaggeration of the 'crisis' to the FCT minister.

The recent advertorial our publisher published in LEADERSHIP is another opportunity for the inept FCTA spokes person who despite his years in the profession cannot function without engaging 'professionals' to dictate the tune for him and that is why he always failed and subjected the profession of journalism to ridicule and disrepute.

Ordinarily, our publisher should have responded to Nosike's advertorial in the Daily Trust of 9th April, 2014, but he is in South Africa to attend a crucial meeting regarding same subject matter. After our management discussed with him on phone and got his approval to react he has instructed us to get across with the following posers:-

(a) When did the minister's spokes person suddenly become the spokes person of the unregistered Coalition of Civil Society Organisations in Nigeria? Prior to his recent advertorial in the Daily Trust, Nosike had always claimed to be independent of the fake organization. That he didn't know them and that they are acting on their own and even denied sponsoring them;

(b) By his own admission in the paper is Nosike now admitting that the illegal coalition is acting the script being dictated and sponsored by them? Nosike has chewed his words;

(c) Since when did the FCTA start responding to claims on behalf of associations and when did they start wasting public resources to publish their press release in newspapers contrary to their normal practice? Nosike is the fifth columnist;

(d) If the fake coalition is truly registered as their new spokes person, Nosike claimed in the advertorial why did he fail even to use their usual criminal method to backdate year of registration, manipulate the process as usual to publish to the public the 'organisation's' particulars of registration and their CAC registration number to convince his readers and the police? Nosike cannot be trusted;

(e) Why have Nosike and his associates during the last one year only concentrated on tales of extortion, forgery etc and want the judgment to be done on the pages of newspaper instead of waiting for the court to determine? Nosike obviously has a hidden agenda;

(f) Judges, police etc are not stupid and myopic like the likes of Nosike to be provoked or set against our publisher because of mere mischief on the pages of newspaper. And why are Bomoi and Nosike afraid to face him and are only relying on their dubious antics to use the instrument of government against him? They are cowards;

(g) Our publisher's detailed reply to the claims of the fake orgainsation they (Ibrahim Bomoi and Nosike) founded and funded against him in the LEADERSHIP newspaper of 7th April, 2014 and in DESERT HERALD edition of 7th -13th April, 2014 which he copied to Ahmadu Bello University and the Institute of Advanced Technology and Management Studies in Niamey, Niger Republic and all other relevant agencies is sufficient for anybody or lawful agents of government that wants to investigate him and as such he will never again dignify them with any response regarding his qualification or how he got his admissions into the institutions. For sure their dubious efforts to bribe and distort the records of the two institutions will fail. If they like and if they are sure of their facts against him and if they want to see the original copies of his credentials they can proceed to the court again. But anything short of that will only amount to chasing shadows;

(h) And if indeed my source of "easy income has been exposed, decapitated, blocked and shattered" according to the ignorant Nosike why is it that DESERT HERALD since its inception did not record the tremendous growth and achievement it has recorded in the last six months precisely after my release from their instigated arrest? And why did our quality of production improved tremendously and our outreach expanded? He is a 'media' man he should come to the north and get the right assessment from newspaper distributors but not to seat in the comfort of his office and mislead and deceive his bosses.

(h) It will not be fair for me answer Nosike's last questions in the Daily Trust advertorial he wasted public resources to place. I advise the myopic FCT minister's spokes person to desist from ridiculing the good office of my elder brother, his boss and refer those questions to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to get appropriate response. He should know that those at the helm of affairs of ABU, Zaria are intellectuals that cannot be manipulated and be instigated through frivolous claims on the pages of newspapers; and

(i) Bomoi and Nosike by now should have known that we only fear our creator not ordinary and dirty mortals like them and I didn't beg for anybody in the FCTA to forget the so called “baseless claims and accusations” DESERT HERALD did on them. If they are God they should do their worse and there is nothing they can do. We do our work on principles and when we decide to do what we believe in we don't fear anybody even if that person is the president of Nigeria. So they cannot create any artificial 'war' between our boss and the FCT minister, because it is nonexistent as far as we are concerned. They should face their challenges if they are not cowards and stop hiding under the back of the FCT minister.

We submit that no amount of blackmail, intimidation, harassment, abuse of office privileges and the use of ill gotten wealth will cow us and our management will continue to do everything possible to protect the hard earned reputation and credibility it built over the years.

Umar Abubakar
Deputy Editor