Shekau, Boko Haram Leader Vows to Bomb University of Maiduguri in new Video Message

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Leader of the Boko Haram Militant sect Abubaka Shekau has advised

authorities of the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID) to Shut down the

School or face deadly attack from his members.
Speaking in Hausa and Kanuri Languages and translated in English in a

new Video the Boko Haram Leader said western education will be vehemently

resisted by his group.
“And for your information, western education is forbidden. University is

forbidden, you should vacate university! You should leave university, I

hate university. You should quit university, I hate it, bastard.

“Western education is totally forbidden. Girls, you should return to your

homes. In Islam it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due

course we will start taking women away and sell in the market.” Shekau

He continued “We give thanks to Allah. This the opening of my speech

regarding the battle that happened in Maiduguri, the military barracks

called Giwa Barracks. It has now turned to Pig Barracks or Dog Barracks or

Rat Barracks.
“We carried out the attacks in Maiduguri. This is a message from the

leader of Jama'atu Ahlissunah Lidda'awati Wal Jihad. We carried out the

attacks in Maiduguri as we were responsible for the other attacks being

carried out all over. The Giwa Barracks attack is worth narrating.

“Allah killed his enemies in Giwa Barracks. We launched the Maiduguri

attacks and killed infidels in Giwa Barracks.
“I will devote half of my speech to the issue of Civilian JTF. Your name

is not Civilian JTF but Civilian Trouble.
“You either flee, take up arms, join the army or police…what I'm telling

you is that I have started a war against you. It is now that I have

started war against you. It has just begun
“There are only two groups of people in the world. There are either those

with us or those on the other side, which I'll kill once I spot them. This

is my only focus now.
“This is Shekau speaking. It is now that you will really know Shekau. You

don't know my madness, right? It is now that you will see. By Allah, I

will slaughter you. I'm not happy if I don't slit your throats. I'll

slaughter you, I'll slaughter you, I'll slaughter you.

“Allah said I should kill you wherever I see you. I call this speech Black

Book. I call on all my brethren wherever you are, to rise and take up arms

and start killing the vagabond. Killings, killings, killings! Now our

religion is killings, killings, killings!
“You should kill and slaughter but don't eat them. You should spare the

old, women, the lunatic, and the repentant.
“This is the message, it is a chaotic one, a messy one. It is Shekau

“And we kill you in numbers, idiot. Who did you arrest? You claim you

arrested our brethren in the Giwa Barracks attack, you only succeeded in

arresting innocent civilians in the city, placing tyres on their necks and

setting them alight.
“By Allah, I will kill you. killing is my job. Let's kill them all, we'd

rather leave this world. Let the whole world perish! May Allah curse you!

“Oh! Allah, they are your servants but are they assisting (Goodluck)

Jonathan, they are your servants who pray but are jesting with the Koran,

they are your servants but are assisting Clinton and Obama.

“Allah gave us the courage to break into Giwa Barracks (where) we killed

and we burnt. We rescued over 2,000 of our brethren, and most of them

Commanders!…One of them even took up a gun and started fighting there.

They all got away.
“Glory be to Allah. The world has changed! Work has started.

“We carried out the Maiduguri attack. And those you killed included

freed detainees who were not our members but ordinary people who on

being freed headed to town, think they were safe. They were dressed in

shorts and when you encountered them you mistook them for us and killed

them. This was what really happened.
“We rescued all of our brethren, we gave them clothing, shelter, vehicles,

food and all they needed….Our brethren are in good state, we thank God.

“You are in serious disaster in Nigeria. You call your self Biafra and

have carved out your own country, right? This is funny. You should lower

your flag because we are not the only ones we are fighting, not just Cross

Rivers, we are enemies to anyone that does not accept Islam in the whole

“Don't think we are northerners, because you are giving the whole thing a

distorted interpretation. Let me make it crystal clear to you because you

are taking a lot pains making analyses in the newspapersa and the radio.

“We are not fighting the north, we are fighting the world. And you will

see us fighting the world. This is our job.
“We will kill all your (Muslim) clerics. I killed Albani and it was

splashed all over the newspapers. I'll kill them all. Who was Albani, he

was nothing. I'll kill all of them. I'll spare none but who follow Allah

and the Prophet. Whoever follows Jews and the west is my enemy.

“My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or the south, wherever you

are, commence attacks. Even as an individual, take up your sabre and

slaughter anyone in his sleep you come across.
“My brethren, take up knives and start slaughtering people. Just pick up

your knife and break into homes and kill.
“You are talking about Jonathan, let Obama relocate to Nigeria and take