Biola Ige, Ruth Eze At War Over Controversial Picture

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/
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'There is fire on the mountain and no one seems to be on the run'.

The above can rightly be used to describe the situation happening between two friends who are presently at war with each other over a piece of photograph that found its way to the internet some days ago and one of the person involved is not taking things lightly with her friend.

She is accusing her friend of leaking the picture online, which has caused several people to lambast her.

It is no news that a photograph showing Muna Obiekwe 'squeezing' the 'Bobby FC' of Biola Ige has been causing ripples lately, but that Biola is accusing her actress friend, Ruth Eze might be shocking to many.

It was reliably learnt that Biola has slammed Ruth for being behind the whole saga and that every explanations made by Ruth have fallen into the deaf ears of Biola.

To clear her name from the mess, Ruth has released a statement on the matter, which got to

According to Ruth, “my attention has been drawn to attempts by Biola ige to drag me into the semi n*de picture that has been on the internet for the last one week. I, Ruth Eze, has and will never be involved in such acts and I advise Biola Ige not to drag my name into this mess.”