Insurrection: The New Fad in Western Hegemony


The West has finally played a hardball with unpredictable consequences in Ukraine. In their arrogant interference in nations to remove leaders or regimes they don't like by all means, they have reduced international relations to gangsterism, democracy to hypocrisy and the United Nations to a status worse than the League of Nations before the World War 1. The pattern of the insurrection technique is becoming quite clear now. First pro-western anarchists and opposition leaders and intelligentsia are mobilized in the capital city, i.e. students in Caracas, Tehran and Cairo, mercenaries as in Syria, Libya and Venezuela, opposition leaders, football hooligans and even boxers as in Kiev. This crowd is swelled by mobilized NGOs and civil societies who have always been on western paychecks. Second, the infiltrators incite more violent confrontations with the police while the western-dominated world media demonize the President. The slogan: the president must step down! Never mind he is an elected president or that the next presidential election date is still years ahead or that the population of the capital city constitute less than 5% of the total population in the country. Finally in the peak of the insurrection, hooded snipers will appear on roof tops shooting indiscriminately resulting in large casualties as in Damascus 2011, Cairo 2013, and now Kiev 2014. In a further demonization, the president will be accused of ordering the shootings, and the situation will then take a human rights dimension. The stage is set for a regime change!

In an effort to install a pro-EU regime and remove Ukraine out of Russian sphere of influence, the West stage-managed spectacular demonstrations and even takeover of government buildings in the capital Kiev and western parts of the country by making it appear that the whole nation was yearning to join the EU by signing a treaty. Victor Yanukovych, the President, rejected an EU treaty based on pragmatic reasons because Ukraine's bankruptcy is worse than that of Greek making the EU and its IMF paradigms unlikely to help. Just when Mr. Yanukovych was negotiating for a peaceful settlement by agreeing to bring presidential and parliamentary elections forward to this year, street fighters started throwing Molotov cocktails at anti-riot police and snipers appeared on roof tops killing both demonstrators and the police. It was clear that someone did not want a peaceful settlement or an election. Ukraine parliament finally removed Yanukovych and the stage is set for the balkanization of Ukraine. Thousands of opponents of the new regime in Kiev have rallied in Kharkov, Donetsk and other Eastern cities with Crimea set to vote for independence from Kiev soon.

When Gadhafi mooted about changing his oil sales and transactions to a new gold dinar, an idea he wanted other African and Arab countries to accept, he confronted the world financial status quo. It was not to be accepted. Not only that, his determination to fight dependence on Western financial institutions posed enormous threats to western capitalism. Gaddafi before his murder, was in the process of creating the African Investment Bank (providing interest-free loans to African nations) and the African Monetary Fund (to be centered in Cameroon) promising $97 billion to free Africa from Western financial clutches. To crown it all, in 2011, he began musing about selling his oil to Russia, China and India Only. His vision was too much for the West. In a lighting move, helped by manufactured media 'truths', the West got a quick UNO approval for destroying Libyan in the name of 'humanitarian overflights'. The bombardment of Libya started under the pretext of protecting its civilians. In Benghazi, the insurrection base, a large prison containing former returnee Afghan veterans was broken and an army of takfiris swooped across Libya until the bewildered Gadhafi was murdered in Sirte in one of the most damning moments on the Muslim world, Russia and China. From one armory to another, sophisticated weapons disappeared and jihadists melted with them into the desert. From an island of peace, Libya was turned into a tumultuous nation and the whole Maghreb region is now on fire. Wasn't this plotted?

Ahmadinejad was extremely luckier than Gadhafi. In 2009 when his presidential victory was announced, the western supported opposition including students were rallied to launch a so-called ''green revolution''. It was an insurrection that was planned to use the social media, especially twitter to a devastating effect. Russia was the first to accuse the West of extremely biased media coverage and of the CIA interference in the insurrection. This was followed by a revelation by Iranian Intelligence Chief that the West planned the riots. Nine British Officials were arrested but most importantly Iran clamped down on the main engine for the insurrection- The internet, blocked text messaging, closed her universities and banned rallies. Ahmadinejad was able to defeat the first phase of the insurrection successfully and was sworn-in on the 5 th August, 2009.

Not so lucky is Bashar Assad of Syria. Anyone can wonder what in the world could associate Qatar, Saudi Arabia and even Turkey to furiously seek the destruction of Syria. Pundits revealed that the insurgency started in Syria in 2011 when Assad announced a gas pipe plan that was to link Iran, Iraq and Syria down to the Mediterranean where Qatar and Syria share the same gas reserve. The project is a direct rival to Qatari Gas and was supported by Russia. No sooner has Bashar Assad signed the deal, the full assault on Syria started. The trio openly finance various fanatical jihadists from all over the world including European countries to die in the name of a jihad against Assad. The invasion has been ruthless, full of terror, displacing women and children while the world media focus the blame on Assad's Army. The Libyan scenario was nearly repeated but for Russian and Chinese cleverness this time round at the UNO.

In Venezuela for the past eight years, USA is channeling funds to civil societies, anti-government groups, opposition media and notably student groups who are now fore front in demonstrations against Nicholai Madura. In 2002 a coup was organized against Hugo Chavez in which hundreds were killed. The central aim is to promote anti-government messages on television and international press by distorting and manipulating facts and events in Venezuela to portray a negative image of the country, currently that of inflation, shortages and insecurity. It is far from a popular uprising as the world media portrays it because the poor majority of Venezuelans who benefit from government economic policies are not part of the riots. Very soon street fighters will infiltrate the demonstrations and snipers may appear on roof tops shooting indiscriminately then the Venezuela government will be accused of massacring its people. Finally the stage will be set for regime change when pro-western opposition leaders will take over to reverse the pro-poor Bolivarian policies.

It appears strangely that the so-called 'new world order' is spun on mostly military schemes using armed proxies, bombardments, coups, power grabs, street fighters, jihadists, snipers and assassins to render national governments useless and to effectively ensure the possibility of a  central control of the whole world by a group or even a single person in the coming years.