Absolute Honour To Play For Nigeria-Balogun

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Super Eagles debutant Leon Balogun whose debut against Mexico lasted all but twenty minutes due to an injury sustained in a collision with the advertising boarding is still very upbeat.

"I am actually feeling quite good.
Of course it is not a nice situation, something different from what I have imagined but I have been in this situation and have come back stronger than before.

I will do so again" Early prognosis says Balogun has fractured his foot "the centre of the foot actually" during that collision but confirmation will happen when he gets back to Dusseldorf.

Leon will not allow anything to detract from what he describes as an "incredible honour and pride I have felt in representing Nigeria for the first time.

' 'It is also a matter of mindset so I plan to leave no space for any negative thoughts and put all my focus in recovering so I can be back available for selection again as soon as possible" On how he felt running onto the pitch in the Nigerian colours "great.

Absolutely great.
A little nervous of course but not too much.
It is still football at the end of the day and all of us can ball.

So I stayed focused and started going in hard on the Mexicans cos they had been kicking my team mates like crazy" In the days leading up to the match, you'd think Leon will struggle to fit in to the culture and camp environment.

He confessed: "I have been quite relaxed in the camp with the players and team mates who had made me welcome totally.

Wish I spoke more pidgin though".
hat has been most noticeable with the Fortuna Dusseldorf defender is how he is still very calm and relaxed and joking in spite of the injury.

"I have spoken to my mum and my girlfriend who were very happy I got a game but really sad due to the injury.

As a result of the time difference I could not get to speak to dad as he was asleep.

Not a problem.
May be I should eat fufu as some people have been asking me to do" Still cracking another joke.

Hopefully, Leon Balogun's positivity can help him through this injury and who knows still get him on the plane to Brazil as a member of the squad.