Right of Reply: The fuss that attends a party living out its slogan

By Ugochukwu Ugwuanyi
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I have lived in Chicago for 36 years, of those years, I have campaigned for the first black Mayor of Chicago, late Harold Washington. He got me my first job at WMAQ TV an NBC affiliate. I Campaign for Jesse Jackson Sr., and many local politicians in my local community of Waukegan. I was elected vice chairwoman of Waukegan democratic party, I contested unsuccessfully for Alderman of the 9 ward in Waukegan. I was the first Nigerian in the Chicagoland area to run for public office. Within the Nigerian community I was twice elected financial secretary of the Nigerian National Alliance an umbrella organization for Nigerian organizations credited for fighting and winning dual citizenship for Nigerians

In 2003 Obama approached us (the Nigerian Community) for help, being an African brother we decided to help him, back then many never heard of him. We register Africans for Obama organization to raise fund for him. Personally, I mobilized Lake County elected officials for a fund raiser for him three in Lake Count and two in Chicago. Assisted his campaign in opening a campaign office for him in North Chicago, all the campaign materials for Lake County initially were stored in my house. His first ever video "introducing Obama is still in my procession.I know Chicago Politics inside out.

I am saying all these to say that AKPD did not win election for Obama, Obama got what it took to win his Senate race and eventually the presidency. AKPD Message and Media is a racist company; they fired all black people when they took control of Obama's campaign. They made it impossible for blacks Americans including Nigerians to have access to Obama. Their insult to blacks was not limited to Chicagoans. During Obama's Senate campaign,The Asantehene of Ghana publicist contacted me to arrange with the campaign for the Asantehene to meet with Obama, but the campaign disrespectfully turned him down but it was ok to parade Obama amongst white Jews.

It bring tears to my eyes that an African political party, could discriminate against fellow Africans to award a contract to a foreign firm while many of such firms ownedby Nigerians are all over the globe. After this news broke, I placed a phone call to AKPD Message and Media; I was told they are not running the campaign but producing a TV commercial for APC. What was APC thinking, what is so unique about the script, the equipment owned by AKPD Message and Media that Nollywood, black owned production companies, like Oprah (OWN) could not afford.

What is it about white people that make Africansin the mother land see themselves intellectually inferior?

Billions of Naira has been invested to educateus in foreign lands. It is those governments that are utilizing our expertiseto develop their countries. Thousands are without jobs in Nigeria, and you peoplekeep pouring money into white communities to create jobs for them while ourpeople go without, why are you people keep outsourcing your brains to the white,to think and do for you the simplest thing like conceiving a winning campaign strategy. Wake up my people, I love you, it is 2014.

Brazil, India, have experienced tremendous development since left Nigeria. But Nigeria is trekking backward every day. If the plan is to use AKPD Message and Media to gain access to Obama, forget it, it won't happen, the president would even frown at the fact that there are many Nigerian owned production companies but instead APKD is contracted.

The more things change the more they stay the same. I have been excited about APC, after this story broke, I have lost respect for APC.

"The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach."

– Benjamin Mays
Engr. Kuseme RosieUdo.
[email protected]
Dear Ugwuanyi, I totally agree with you on the above subject. The PDP is

unnecesarily panick on d APC's novel step.Kudos 2 u.

Balogun Adeoluwa,
[email protected]
The modus operandi of APC shows that the party , in all intents,is more undemocratic than PDP.

Matthew Ejem,

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