Nollywood Actress Susan Peters Gets A Phone Of $2500


While celebrities in the country flaunt their wealth especially cars for the guys and fashion accessories for the ladies, Susan Peters is exceptional, she is a phone freak and can only buy the most expensive, few days back, she bought the latest Blackberry Porshe that has $2500, almost N400,000 as its asking price. She was lashed in 2013 for buying a similar phone which is the reason why it is no surprise she can still buy this one.Read it HERE

she wrote on instagram “Bbm won't let me rest ooo#i said I wasn't getting another phone but whosaii# inspector gadget# another collection of phones#”

Just like Chika Ike will tell you when she gets things for herself that it is her money, so is Susan telling her critics with this phone that it is her business when she buys a phone...It doesn't matter what they got to tell her.