“President Jonathan will emerge Nigeria's Greatest President and usher in a new national Order of justice and development”

Source: pointblanknews.com

 - Barrister  Saintmoses Eromosele
When I made the above statement on the Wall of a certain Femi Adeoya, in the height of the great resistance by some Nigerian fundamentalists who desperately resisted the emergence of the Otuoke man, I was lambasted and pelted with e-stones. One of my vocal opponents then, a certain Afolabi, is today one of the most active and vocal supporter of Jonathan on social media. I also note that one Alh Tanko Yakassai who fought tooth and nail, even wrote to the Senate not to confirm Jonathan as President, has since recanted and even recently led the north to endorse Jonathan for continuity in 2015 even though he is yet to declare his intention.

Four years down the line, today, I read a comment in a thread by a certain shadowy but constant commentator called Phil the Smart. In his/her words;

“President Jonathan is the Greatest President of all”. – PS.

There was no objection but ambiguous silence following this bold faced claim. If silence is consent, why no objection? Obviously, Nigerians think highly of President Jonathan despite the unprecedented gang up and propaganda against his very focussed transformation agenda.

Somehow, I know that, I always see far ahead, ahead of contemporaries, as the prophet that my parents told me I was born to be, and when I say what I see, like Joseph telling his 'crazy' dreams, oftentimes, my contemporaries, who mostly obviously do not easily see what I effortlessly see, take offence. Some even viciously attack me feigning a 'righteous indignation' (but always return later to nikodemously apologize for their momentary insanity and palpable shortsightedness), like the shameful coup d'etat that some inadequate-feeling and envious ethnic bigots perfected against me in the Patriotic Forum that I co-founded necessitating my leaving the forum when it dawned on me and most membeers that it has lost focus and became a sectional camel heading towards Golgotha due to filthy hijack. Today, most of those who led that putsch against me have secretly apologized that they were wrong, misguided and misunderstood me. Although I have forgiven then but I am not returning to Babylon. Forward ever!

Four years ago, I saw what some of them are only just seeing. Many too ashamed to externalize their internal dialogues hence the pockets of resistance here and there, albeit very weak and pointless resistance.

Today, it appears that I have been vindicated. Most Nigerians on the ground living in Nigeria (not those on social media, not those who get their info about Nigeria mainly from 'newsreports' by a certain habitually misinforming and professionally irresponsible and unpatriotic internet medium that I once rightly named “Sahara Lieporters” in one of my articles) most that I have spoken to, whether in APC, PDP, APGA, LABOUR or Independents, are unanimous in claiming that “Politics aside, Jonathan is a great president, perhaps the greatest ever”. This is is comparism to other Heads of Government in Nigeria.

Now, I want to form a documentary opinion based on confirmations or disclaimers by you, and everyone who read this post and make comment(s). Remember silence means consent, in this case. All non-comments would be counted as endorsements. Your comment shall decide if the above claim is true or doubtful. Nigerians across the world are reading…