Nigeria Will Not Disintegrate Says Uduaghan As People Of Southern Nigeria Meets In Asaba


DELTA State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan has assured Nigerians that the

country would not disintegrate in spite of the challenges and ravaging

fire of ethnic nationalism in the country.
Governor Uduaghan who gave this assurance at the Opening ceremony of the

Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly [SNPA] 4th General Conference in Asaba

said that the national conference sanctioned by President Goodluck

Jonathan's administration has provide avenue for Nigerians to deliberate

on issues that will move the nation forward.
He explained that though the Jonathan's administration was beset by series

of challenges, the President has handled these challenges with maturity

and sincerity.
He observed that one of such challenges was the issue of Boko Haram, and

emphasized that the activities of Boko Haram has been reduced and there

are signs that the militant group will see reasons to embrace peaceful

co-existence in the country.
He disclosed that: “The Jonathan's administration has done a lot to

improve the nation's economy and engendered a lot of growth and foreign

direct investments and interest”, stressing that the benefits to the

masses will take some time to trickle down to them.

Dr Uduaghan commended the people of Southern Nigeria for 'talking' noting

that those who are talking often do not engage in violence.

“President Jonathan is providing a platform for us to discuss with the

national conference and we are free to say anything in this world except

the disintegration of Nigeria and when we discuss, issues are resolved,”

the Governor said, adding that the people of Southern Nigeria should be

prepared to make their points known during the conference.

He emphasized, “let us be hopeful, let us be positive because, the future

of Nigeria is bright, Nigeria will not disintegrate in the era of

President Goodluck Jonathan,” adding, “no ravaging fire of ethnic

nationalism can consume this country.”
The Governor hinted that the Governors of South South and South East

geo-political zones were meeting regularly and plans were on for Governors

of South West geo-political zone to join the forum for it to become The

Southern Nigeria Governors Forum, noting that there was need for such

forum because of common economic and other social issues affecting the

He observed that if Deltans can live in peace despite their ethnic

differences, Nigerians can live in peace and work for the growth of the

The Chairman of the SNPA and leader of the South South delegation to the

meeting, Pa Edwin Clark said that convening the meeting of the people of

Southern Nigeria was very important for the people of the region to speak

with one voice, stating, “Nigeria belongs to all of us, we must show

respect for all of us, we are part of this country, we have equal right in

this country, fight for your right, protect your right.”

Chief Francis William who delivered a lecture at the ceremony said:

“President Jonathan has the right to contest for the Presidential position

in 2015” and called for regional cooperation.