Secret Plot Revealed*** N5 Billion Deal Between Atiku & Tinubu: APC Set To Dump Buhari As Flag-bearer

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Just few days ago, Atiku Abubakar defected to APC from PDP, NLM can authoritatively reveal the deal that made it possible.

An aggrieved chieftain of APC (a supporter of Buhari), who doesn't want his name in print, revealed to NLM members in Lagos State that Atiku's defection to APC has really changed the game plan for 2015 election which would definitely cost APC dearly.

According to him, “for sometime now, APC has been strategizing on the following candidates with Buhari at the fore-front in the 2015 equation”:

1. Buhari/Fashola
2. Kwankwaso/Amaechi
3. Tambuwal/Okorocha
This has been the arrangement until Atiku started his widely consultation and met Tinubu in a secret meeting in Lagos and the game changed.

In his words “Atiku met Tinubu in a secret meeting in Lagos and told him pointblank that he is not joining APC to become an ordinary member, but to be the party flag-bearer. Tinubu didn't buy into the idea initially until he made him an offer and a deal was struck.

Tinubu then told him that APC caucus would meet to pick a running mate between Fashola and Amaechi to pair with him. This was rejected outrightly by Atiku, reason being that the N5 billion is to settle for any Yoruba candidate APC is considering and for Amaechi, he won't like him to be his VP because of his recklessness and stubbornness. That he would rather opt for Adams Oshiomhole. This was how Oshiomhole came into the 2015 equation.

However, Tinubu directed Fashola to make the statement where he said “if Adams Oshiomhole was nominated as the APC presidential flag-bearer, he would vote for him.”

The camp of Gen. Buhari is very angry with this development and are considering their next plan of action of either to pull out from the merger because Gen. Buhari must run in 2015 election.

According to the APC Chieftain, he said “Tinubu has forgotten that Gen. Buhari polled over 12 million votes with an unknown CPC in the last general election which Atiku in his widest dream cannot do.” That if they go ahead to field Atiku, Buhari's supporters will definitely pull out because there is no point to support a man (Atiku) with a question mark and no electoral values”, he concludes.