The Bill Prohibiting Gay(Same Sex Marriage)

Jurisprudentially law and morality are wide apart.

While morality is embedded in social values, law is an instrument of social control.

However, one of the quality of a good law is it conformity with social norm.

Same Sex Marriage offendes our social norm and it is rightly criminalised.

I hear people say Human Right Violation and sorts on the gays, why don't you take sometime out and elucidate on that part of Gays right that has been violated.

I'm sure we all have a copy of the constitution at home or office.

Quoting from a colleague who said 'It is not just against our culture but it is grossly, morally reprehensible'

I cannot imagine a man perusing the
internal ANAL anatomy of another man
In the UK, polygamy is criminalised in the form of bigamy and it is triable either way.

Succintly put, Gay practice defies every moral and Biblical principle,

Nigeria is an independent country capable of enacting appropriate laws that will govern her people and territory.

Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman,so what the heck is 'same sex marriage'

That's bullshit Dinta 'Grow up son'
Stop outdoing yourself.
As Nigerians, homosexuality is “unafrican”, against religion and unnatural.

It is true that Nigeria has many issues that ought to be given top priority treatment, like corruption,kidnapping,lack of free and fair election etc...from inception,when Nigeria became an entity in 1914 or lets say 1960, these problems were attached alongside.

So don't come and worsen it by introducing demonic culture that is alien to us.

Same Sex Marriage is a practice that even the lower creatures cannot practice.

It is repulsive bro,absolute rubbish.
If you're not gay,then stop being gibberish with this topic,be objective in addressing this issue.

You're free to draw whatever conclusions you choose to,

You can call me 'Homophobic, I care less.
To Obama and Dave Cameron,
we're not sharing the same rabbit skin with you,please leave us alone*

Why didnt they criticize Putin,why didnt dey criticize Russia?

Very soon they will argue that PAEDOPHILIA and BESTIALITY are just sexual orientations & human right. I dont understand how perversion can now amount to advancement and development.

Well, Nigeria has made its law if you dont like it you can "port" elsewhere.

Better still,approach a court of competent jurisdiction for it to be set aside,it should be declared invalid,null and void.

You don't hear Africans calling the western mans anti-polygamy laws "draconian". CNN says 98% of Nigerians support the new law, so it wasn't just the wish of the FG but of the people.

Also, I heard some peepz saying things like 'How is this law going to be executed?'

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You know what...wait until you're caught.
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