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If Bo Xilai Was A Nigerian, He Would Have Gone For Perpetual Injunction!

Bo Xilai
Bo Xilai

Permanent injunction, sometimes known as a perpetual injunction, is an injunction of final relief. Appropriately, it is usually on the ground of irreparable harm but in Nigeria for example, it is inappropriately granted to thieves to shield them from possible arrest. Irreparable harm refers to a harm that cannot be rectified by money. It is a legal term used in court to justify the granting of a preliminary or permanent injunction.

Both perpetual and also interlocutory and interim injunctions are the legal manipulations that the Nigerian poli-trickcians and their cronies within the legal systems use to steal and loot our treasury and causing irreparable harm on Nigerians at large and in turn rush to seek the court to protect them from irreparable harm and the court will foolishly grant them perpetual injunction, thereby preventing any of the anti graft agencies from arresting them without considering wether it is appropriate or not. Whereas it is the Nigerian populace that is the beneficiary of the so-called irreparable harms. Bo Xilai would have learnt from the Nigerian poli-trickcians to avoid possible life imprisonment.

Meanwhile, there are many exceptional situations in which an injunction may be appropriate on the basis of irreparable harm. For example, if a plaintiff has a large, old tree on his property and the defendant is threatening to cut down the tree, the plaintiff may seek an injunction from the court to stop the defendant from cutting down the tree. The plaintiff can show irreparable harm because the defendant ca not simply buy another 100-year-old tree to plant, and as such monetary damages would not be sufficient to compensate the plaintiff for the harm he incurred.

If a defendant was threatening to release the secret formula for a popular product, such as Coca Cola, the judge would likely also grant an injunction to prevent him from doing so. The release of the formula would be considered irreparable harm because the loss from the release of the formula could never be calculated accurately nor paid by one person. Instead, an injunction would be the best way to rectify the situation and protect the plaintiff's legal interests.

Bo Xilai was one of the Communist Party's top leaders before he was felled by one of the biggest scandals to rock China in years. Bo, 64, was the party chief of Chongqing in south-western China and a member of the powerful politburo - one of the 25 most senior party officials in the country. He was a prominent figure who enjoyed being in the limelight, a trait that set him apart from other Chinese politicians.

Bo Xilai is a "princeling" - someone who hails from China's elite political circles. Their fathers were Mao Zedong's comrades and later served under Deng Xiaoping as top officials. Bo Xilai is the son of Bo Yibo, a powerful Communist Party elder and revolutionary Red Army commander. As a child, he attended a top school in Beijing with other children of important officials.

Bo's trial by Chinese court was tantamount to doing the impossible in Nigeria. The question is: Which court in Nigeria is big enough with lion heart to sentence the likes of the former Governor of River State, Peter Odili, Senator Bola Amend Tinubu of Lagos State, Bamaga Tukor and his son (Subsidy scam), Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia State, Lucky Igbenedion of Edo State, Farouk Lawan, the embattled former Chairman of the fuel subsidy probe panel in the House of Representatives and many others? In fact, which court has the daring liver or muscle and even at best the WILL to investigate the former Vice President, Abubakar Atiku and Mohamadu Buhari for threatening to make Nigeria ungovernable? James Ibori of Delta State only landed himself in UK prison simply because he left the shore of Nigeria otherwise, he could have long been in Senate House making laws that will protect his wealth and that of other Senator in the country.

It may interest everyone to learn that just two years ago Bo Xilai was a candidate for promotion to the Politburo Standing Committee, China's top decision-making body. His downfall was seen as the biggest political shake-up to hit China's ruling elite in decades. But his trial also offered the public a rare glimpse into the life of China's rich and powerful, with lurid details emerging of lavish vacations and luxury villas just same as that of Nigeria politicians.

I can belt US$250,000 with anyone that this cannot happen in my country, Nigeria, at least not in our generation. The mistake Bo Xilai made was to be a citizen of China. When he realized that he is a professional politician like our uncles in Nigeria, he should have indeed changed his colour and claim to be from one state in Nigeria with the backing of a political godfather and practice poli-tricks in Nigeria, a country where no politician ever get jail sentence. Nigeria is the best country in the world where poli-trickcians can be involved in monumental bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power, yet remain unperturbed. I hail our judiciary and our poli-trical leaders oooh!

A Chinese court has found disgraced former top politician Bo Xilai guilty of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. The former party chief of Chongqing was sentenced to life imprisonment, but has the right to appeal.

He had denied all the charges against him in a fiery defense at his trial. Bo was removed from office last year amid a scandal which saw his wife convicted for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood. The verdict was handed down by the Intermediate People's Court in Jinan, Shandong province. Passing sentence the judge told Bo that he had damaged China's national interests and the interests of its people, wrongfully using his position in power to receive bribes totaling 20 million Chinese Yuan ($3.2m; £2m).

Personally, I have followed Bo's trial with keen interest since 22 August 2013 but now, the die is cast as the trial judge completely demolished Bo's defense arguments and the court took an unprecedented step of releasing details about proceedings on its Weibo microblog. Finally, Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison on the bribery charges, 15 years for embezzlement and seven years for abuse of power and in addition, all his personal wealth has been confiscated. These added together made Bo Xilai politically buried but if Bo Xilai were to be a Nigerian, where corruption by heavy-weight poli-trickcians is the order of the day and gradually finding it way into our Nation's constitution in a bid to legalize bribery and embezzlement except when committed by a defenseless Nigerian.

I am sure he would have been planning to contest 2015 election in Nigeria and even have a role to play in the Governor Amechi's NGF and River State crisis. Bo Xilai would have indeed been using corruption water to have his bath every morning and even brush his teeth without questions from any quarter. Kudos to our Judiciary and our poli-trickcians. I pity Bo Xilai and wish he was a Nigeria.

But during the Cultural Revolution, the senior Mr. Bo was purged from his official posts and the younger Bo spent time at a labour camp. He met and began a relationship with his first wife, Li Danyu, a military doctor who was also from an elite political family. The couple married in 1976 and had a son the following year. After the Cultural Revolution ended, Bo enrolled in the prestigious Peking University, studying history. He joined the Communist Party in 1980 and earned a masters degree in journalism from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 1982. In the 1980s, the Bo family's star began to shine again and Bo Yibo became one of the powerful ''Eight Elders'' of the Communist Party.

Quote of the Day: If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

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