I’m too distinguished to run from the law -Bafarawa boasts

Source: africanexaminer.com

Ex-Governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa has denied reports that he is running

away from the law due to corruption charges against him by the Economic and Financial

Crime Commission (EFCC).
He explained his story in a statement issued from London saying “I sent my lawyer (Ricky

Tarfa) with my letter that I have medical appointment to keep with my doctor in London. The

lawyer tendered the letter, but unfortunately, the presiding judge rejected it.''

Bafarawa also boasted that he is too distinguished to run away from the law, adding that he

will make himself available anytime the court wants him.

The statement in parts reads: “What the EFCC wants is to prosecute a living Bafarawa and

not a dead one. This is why the issue of my health should be of paramount importance to

both parties (EFCC and I) so that the truth and justice of the matter can be ascertained.”

“But I want to state unequivocally that I did not jump bail; that I have not jumped and that I

do not intend to jump bail. I also will not run away from my country because of the issues

that I have in court with the EFCC.”
“I am too distinguished and honourable to run away from the law and from my country. I will

never, ever run away. I will make myself available in court at any time that I am required to

do so. You would remember that I attended the court sitting even when the judicial workers

were on strike and the court session could not hold.”

The ex-governor is standing trial over a N15 billion corruption charge. The case has been

adjourned till March 17.

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