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Zimmerman’s Car crash rescue was faked for image laundering purpose

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We have all been a little suspicious about the convenience of George Zimmerman rescuing a family involved in a Florida car crash just days after his acquittal of the second degree murder of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

Now, new and suspicious details have emerged surrounding those involved in the crash, including the officer on the scene, Patrick Redher.

According to FreakOut Nation, Redher was a vocal pro- Zimmerman voice on Facebook, but that Facebook account has now conveniently disappeared. Further, according to Newsball, Officer Redher had contact with Zimmerman prior to his showing up at the scene of the accident. Redher's phone records back this claim up, lending more credibility to the school of thought that, with a lot of help, Zimmerman has made himself look like some kind of good samaritan here, when he really is a conniving, sneaky, underhanded man with a Hero complex and inability to accept the fact that he is not an officer of the law.

Perhaps most damning of all is the fact that Mark Gerstle, when accosted by media near his home, could be heard shouting belligerently:

Go away. I've got nothing to say.
Dana Gerstle also ignored requests for hospital records and photos of the crash. These all seem non existent, which is unheard of in this age of camera phones with recording capabilities.

Now, none of this proves that anyone helped Zimmerman stage anything with regards to his role in rescuing victims in this crash. However, it certainly raises even more suspicion surrounding the already too convenient incident. The more I think about this, the more I hope there is some real smoking gun that comes out of all of this. I'd love for Zimmerman and all involved with what is beginning to look more and more like a complete scam to go down in flames. Surely there is a broken law in here somewhere. We just have to find it. Stay tuned for more details as this story develops.