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Why PDP Lost In South West In 2011

By Bola Okunade
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I wish to tell Atiku Abubakar that the loss of the PDP in the South West during the 2011 poll was not because of 'betrayal of the party's leadership'. It is so disheartening that the former vice president still has pipe dreams.Nigerians can see now;my people voted for change;the masses are tired of the insensitivity of the leaders.The resultant of Edo and Ondo states elections are evident.

The generality of the people's perception of Goodluck Jonathan was a breadth of fresh air but the polity is still a broken compass. Mr Atiku should stop making a mountain out of mole hill and , rather implore his party to implement constructive and developmental projects. A ten year old child knows that the country is aback.You people travel abroad and can see the level of developments in those nations. I cannot wait for Nigeria to transform into a nation as it may take centuries under this set of politicians whence, everybody does not have a sense of belonging.

The country under your reign has suffered a great deal and you have made so many wrong calls hence, consequent on the level that corruption has reached.Something still trips me and i want to ask not only Alhaji but you all,do you think we do not know how you mismanage our resources and funds and you always have the guts to organize seminars, symposia and fora. This is a country of anything goes;we have criminals taking up positions of authority;in fact, possible are the impossibilities here.

Moreso, we were thought level of needs in school but they are elusive in this part of the world.PDP has been in the driver's seat for more than a decade and i want to tell you that you are not getting it right.An average Nigerian should not be suffering in view of the vast resources she has got.Have you not been to Ghana and South Africa let alone the west?

Nigeria wire and cable is almost the best in the world but what is its place internationally?We can sell our brands to the whole world and make it acceptable just as the whites sold religion to us and took away our tradition and culture.Frankly,it is so sad that the largest black country imports bra and panties,chewing sticks,spoons, to mention a few.Besides, Nigeria will be one of the highest producers of steel if all the phases in ajaokuta steel are completed. What is it about electricity?You people in those positions have misconstrued service for power,must we always tell you what to do? The Yoruba adage would say even a musician knows if his song is unpleasant!

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