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style="text-align: left;" align="center">By Paul Omoruyi

It is now glaring that secret cults and her members permeate the entire Nigerian society from high school students to Governors and law makers. Cultism has moved from who controls the campus to who controls the State and Federal Houses of Assemblies, Reps, Senators, Governors and other public offices.

Surprisingly enough, no Nigerian State or National leader past or present has had the political will or moral prowess to stop or at least decisively deal with the menace. Yes, cultism has become a menace to the Nigerian society. Cultism has been incentivized by Nigerian politicians and glamorized by low-life members. These cult members are psychologically depraved, unconscientiously ruinous and emotionally bankrupt with no value for human life.

From Rivers to Edo State Houses of Assembly, we have seen again and again how cultists have hijacked the governments. It is no longer an intellectual law-making debates or supremacy of ideas that take place in our Houses of Assemblies or the people's business in Government Houses. It is now about which cult group carries the day. What transpired in Rivers State House of Assembly on July 9th and 10th is just a tip of the iceberg.

Sadly, it is only in Nigeria that these low-lives behave like emperors and warlords. Once they cross the shores of Nigeria, they become vegetative and useless to themselves. They cannot function productively. That is the case of a cult member (maybe former member(s)) I overheard in a restaurant in New York.

For the sake of clarity, I will describe those discussing as friend 1 and friend 2.

Friend 1: 'O boy, this America self, it dey slow man well well ooo.'

Friend 2: 'My brother, no be small something.'
Friend 1: 'Sometimes I go look myself and say na me be dis?'

Friend 2: 'Wetin we go do?'
Friend 1: 'Before I leave naija, even wey I no dey work, I get reach 1.5 million naira for hand. Then election just finish. We get money well well from the election from LEVELs matter to run show. But for America you go work work you cannot even boast of $1,000 for account.'

Friend 2: 'Man no dey get all those kind quick quick side money for America. Even the credit card runs wey boys be dey do don dabaru.'

Friend 1: 'It get as it go be men, I go just go back to Naija. Some of my small boys dey ride Pajero Jeep now for runs wey dem do for the last election. You know how much for tear rubber Pajero wey dem get?'

Friend 2: 'I hear too oo. So that rumor na true?'
Friend 1: 'Na true na. You be think say na lie? This my guy so we be room-mate for campus then.'

Friend 2: 'Thank God you just remind me. How far for your school? You don fit finish the program?'

Friend 1: 'Finish wetin? I no sure if I go even fit go back to the school again. My GPA too low so dem put me on probation'. Since then, I no fit go back again. I try make I jack jack I no fit my brother. Family wahala for Naija come join am. Bring money bring money na him dem know.'

Friend 2: 'I understand brother. If na Naija now we for send MEN make dem go talk to the lecturers na.'

Friend 1: 'Wetin we dey talk since? I for don finish the school tay tay na if na Naija'.  America men, person no fit try those kind thing.'

Friend 2: 'Exactly the same thing na him happen to Sunday wey he dey New Jersey. Guy man finally lock up for school matter'.

Friend 1: 'Like say I fit finish the school men, I for don get better job by now. I dey dodge when I see some people wey we be start life together for America wey dem fit finish school. Dem get good jobs and dey make better money.'

Friend 2: 'It go be, it go be.'
Friend 1:'You hear say all those boys just dey pluck each other again for naija? You hear wetin happen for Benin?'

Friend 2: 'Na dem know oo. Man don do that one pass. If dem wan kill themselves, make dem dey do am for there. I dey think how I want take better for here na him I go come get time for CONFRA matter?'

Friend 1: ' O boy if person dey that Naija, na him he get time for useless things. For here you no get time to waste for useless things.'

Friend 2: 'If I leave here, na work I dey go till tomorrow morning. You know say weekend like this, all this America people dey like to enjoy. Dem go call off. So I dey always get overtime to work for weekend. Tomorrow na 16 hours I go work.'

Friend 1: 'That overtime na him dey still dey make man fit get extra change oo.'

Friend 2: 'I dey go. We go talk later. Bye bye.'
Friend 1: 'Me go leave here now once I finish this beer. Bye bye.'

Obviously, you can tell that these guys are frustrated because they cannot unleash their salvage cultist activities in the US. Unfortunately, there are no professors for cultists to intimidate in America to pass their courses. You fail, you fail, you pass you pass.

There are no politicians in America to give them cash and buy them guns and SUVs to kill and maim people. Any attempt or group of attempts or attempted attempts, America will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

So, my question for young Nigerians that have taken to cultism and those want-to-be cultists is simple: Does it make sense to join a nocturnal group that will not add any value to your life and will in all likelihood shorten your life on Earth?

If becoming a cult member will only provide temporary youthful exuberance and euphoria in Nigeria and cannot add value to your life outside that environment, then Cultism is useless and even more useless to Nigerians in the United States and those that plan to immigrate out of Nigeria someday.

God bless you and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Paul Omoruyi
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