Nigerians to seek government's approval before sinking borehole

By The Rainbow

Anybody that wishes to sin bore holes needs to seek approval from the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, the minister of the ministry,  Sarah Ochekpe, has said.

According to her, this measure has become imperative in order to safeguard ground water supply in the country.
Mrs Ochekpe explained that continuous drilling of borehole in Nigeria could affect ground water supply in the future. She spoke  to journalists while briefing on the performance of her ministry.

She appealed to Nigerians to ensure proper management of water for the interest of all.

The shortage of portable water has left so many Nigerians to look for alternative sources of water supply to meet their daily needs.

In the scorecard of her ministry, the minister said it had done well in the last two years especially in the area of rehabilitation and construction of dams, Mrs. Ochekpe added that the provision of potable water is not the responsibility of the Federal Government alone.