Ibinabo Fiberesima​, Fred Amata Still Into Each Other

Source: Babjide Ogunbunmi/Nigeriafilms.com

Wow! The adage that old love dies hard could be true after all with this new show of affection between the two estranged couple, Fred Amata and Ibinaboh Fiberesima.

The ex-beauty Queen and first female Actors Guild of Nigeria, President Ibinabo Fiberesima recently snuggled up to her baby daddy and was pictured. Though, popular actor Fred Amata's 50th birthday celebration had not the presence of his old flame, Ibinabo, notwithstanding, the two, who, we learnt, are now gradually rekindling their old affair, knows how well to treat each other.

Check this picture and see the caption 'Love' written on it, you cannot but agree with me that, the two are still into each other and the earlier they both bury their hatchets and come back as one again, the better.

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