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Consider this: Six (6) thieves went to steal and arm-rob. They, with their sophisticated weapons, garnered much money into the common kitty. During the time of sharing, five (5) ganged up against one (1) calling him names. Setting as judge, what would you do?

If any country is more corrupt than Nigeria, then that nation should not exist on earth. The distributors of patronages are the doyens of corruption. What would the ordinary masses do? The heineous paradigm of dance attendance and easy virtue life style takes queue from here. The steerers of the ship are the protagonists of enveloping oozing stench of 4-1-9 and o-b-t we are known for. “Chop-I-chop” man of 1991 and frog-throat Odi leveler of 2006 are calling the shot in NEPA-PHCN terrific blog-sale. If you accuse the North of corruption, what do you think of Western Nigeria? What is the fate of Eastern Nigeria? How do you categorize South-South?

Political irredentism and jugernautistic jerrymandeing for this – is – my – turn syndrome has armtwisted geopolitical balance to equilibral doldrums. Thus, in a game of cat and rat, we are led by the garden path by the very those who suppose that way is uhuru. The lone ranger supposes that's way the cookie crumbles and fights dirty to put the record straight, but alas!, he is taken aback by the very those juncating with him to wedge the bandwagon effect to oblivion. Standing apape in the middle of nowhere, he collapses to nothingness due to cho-I-chop imbrogio. What else do you want to hear from me? But I am a lone ranger who do not submit to public defeatist ideology credited to MKO Abiola “if rape becomes inevitable, then better relax and enjoy it”.

Considering his background, MKO Abiola was right, because you cannot give what you don't have. I am really a lone ranger because I can't succumb to the dash board of second fiddle to the part way of justice: I better die.

I pastorize that jerryrawlinization of Nigeria is the only known antidote to the cancerously quadruplicating virus of catchment frinzy. What else to you want to him from me? I am from the same longitudinal locale from the skyrocketer of eclipsing ideologue of the highly idealistic white-necked soldier of Kaduna mould though from the Eastern Natal Star.

The jackals and buffalos laughing and elephant-matching to subdue the eclipsing revolution, the only true khakki – coup in this wilderness of corruption, misjudged the schintila a dark-spot projectile of the East without rumping to the downward reality of the acqean stable cleaner it originally was.

Hullaballo and shindy – raising, the iron curtain fell on Eastern Natal Star. We sang the eulogy. Thus, chorusing the dirge, the elixir was browbeated to the subcutaneous without modicum of angular reflexes to the upliftment from the equatorial stupor of the marshy stream. Yes, Kaduna was misjudged.

But alas, have we been bettered by the Northern Star as empty drum, science – cleft by the Western Naval Command? The reality of the answer is colossal no ditto. If you like, sign on the dotted line or abstract the algebra, it does not make any difference.

That exactly was the side Jerry Rawlings of Ghana was and caught a vision of similitude of a disciple of bacchus, engine-driven to Aegean – cleanse. Thus, jerryrawlinization is the image maker of probity restoration in the Achiampong-corrupt Ghana. What would you want to hear from me? I am a human rights activist of beeline truth. In Nigeria, we all know the bag called “Ghana Must Go”. They have gone spontaneously as suggar would dissolve in water without external force impinging upon it. But what is the faith of Nigeria since Ghana left? Better or worse? I rhetorically answer. But one thing is strato-cumulus in the clear cloud: Nigeria is haven of known and constantly schemed corruption emanating from the hallowed chambers of the number one to the rustic zinc-batcherered Ajegunle squalor.

2.8 billion US Dollars of 1978 which Ayo Irikefe in 1984 found the pussilaminous military junta guilty, was a chicken-feed to the pulverizing 20 billion US dollars of 2001 this frog-throat President Lampoonishly siphoned with the tacit legal covering of a sitting Governor at Bakassi Penisula. Yet, this former President whom the military manipulated the no election to install, supposedly to cover their dirty tracks, is given a cooked up clean bill of health by Otuoke to further Catterpillar – crush the remaining currencies in the National Treasury.

This Otuoke, looking morose, watching jocose and laughing jackas has allowed goat to eat the palmfrond on his head as another member of Western Naval Command with the bringer of the failed kidney man, though not Khakki-shirtted, but certainly wolfish, but sheepishly scaled the horizon and lingered his way to bone-crushing the hoipolloi in whooping squander. Yes, the Faroukgate initializer and 141 billion naira Central Bank certificate rogue and 4-1-9ner as oil cabal, secured in Nigeria to the 1969 3rd-Marine commando, has been given license to generate power and powder every last kobo of ordinary Nigerian.

The gap-tooth as public disgrace in the day light robbery of 1991 12.4 billion dollars oil wind fall, the subcutaneous floater of North-South Company is licensed by Otuoke as monkey-dey-work-baboon day-chop, to steal the last coin in Nigeria and hide them in between his well gapped tooth.

The Chinese manufacture varieties which make Chinese shop, a shop of varieties. A bull is a scattering animal which should not be taken to a typical China shop. Hence, the qualification of a human being as a bull in a China shop entails somebody that lacks sense of humour and courage to effect change though given necessary ingredients to do it. He is either fretful or overambitious, and so, ends up in prismatic bifocal lens of blurred vision. Such could be our man or another man.

Bokoharam struck with known financiers and ground swellers, this our man keeps playing to the gallery instead of arresting and prosecuting them even when they boldly say “I will make your government ungovernable…” “If you can, arrest me”. Today he is negotiating with a faceless group of idiots as terrorists who know nothing but implantation of islamic agenda.

Then military and police need restructuring to truly Nigerianize it where all and Sunday has equal stake to finally arrest security challenges. Jos, Borono, Bauchi, Kano, Taraba, Yola, Gombe, Nassarawa, Kaduna, Niger and Kogi have remained hot beds of islamic massacre by bokoharam, and our man knows it. Yet, all the security outfits to quell bokoharam are manned by bokoharam – compliant security personnel.

The egocentric plasma of power generation is only equitably defined albeit wrongly in zonal justice of loot sharing. Yes, since all who are licensed to generate power have skeletons in their cupboards and the man at epicenter of decision has looked the other way round and given them license, it is only being just to CANCEL THE CHARADE and distribute the Power Generation (not distribution to six companies, one each in six geopolitical zones so that there will be “justice” in sharing the loot of the stolen money allowing the rogues. This is because power generation is sensitive to each Geo-political Zone, and each zonal people must have equal stake at the generation.

The East has several looters of the treasury as in other Zones. The people already licensed to generate power from March 2013, are clearly treasury looters from other zones. Otuoke must be just to find equally looters of the treasury from the East and License them, so, that we know there is justice in looting NEPA – PHCN. This should continue until Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu resurrects and re-incarnates in Jerry Rawlings of Ghana to kill off all the treasury looters in all the Geopolitical Zones and handover power of cleansed Aegean stable to the “born again” masses.


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