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FirstBank of Nigeria Plc is offering customers with a new solution the freedom to capture their individuality on the debit Naira MasterCard Card.

This is yet another innovative offering from FirstBank, following the recent launch of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Transfer service that enables people without bank accounts or electronic cards receive funds from its ATMs across the nation.

With 'expressions', the Bank's customers assume control of the look and design of their Naira MasterCard by exercising the freedom to print images of their loved ones and favourite moments of their lives on their cards.

Flashing the card whenever one is out shopping or having it tucked away safely in one's wallet is sure to evoke in FirstBank's card holders a feeling of being in charge.

'Talk about a card you can really call your own, that's what 'expressions' is all about. Rewarding our esteemed customers with the freedom to determine the design of their Naira MasterCard is the bank's way of appreciating their patronage and restating our commitment to constantly seeking creative ways of delighting our customers,' Mr. Chuma Ezirim who heads the Bank's E-Business Group said while during the unveiling of the product.

According to her, the process for requesting for the product/designing the card is initiated on the Bank's website where the customer is at liberty to select a picture (from an existing bank-managed gallery or from a personal collection), which would serve as the artwork on the front of his/her card. Following submission of the selected design, he said that the personalized card would be delivered in 72 hours for Lagos locations and five business days for upcountry locations.

Ezirim explained that 'expressions' card product has security features powered by an embedded microchip and a four digit PIN, noting that the Naira denominated card can be used for domestic and international transactions wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed.

'In addition to designing their electronic cards, customers with 'expressions' still enjoy the safe, secure, and convenient service the Bank provides via its alternative channels including PoS machines, the Internet and ATMs globally,' he added.