Makpo Premieres "Mi Yeruwe" Music Video | Directed By Uvi Orogun


"Growing up, my mum always encouraged I and my 4 siblings to speak our native language - Urhobo. She would engage us with several Urhobo phrases and sentences - particularly, when we needed something from her and she had our full attention. We would respond back to her in English - which was the only language we could speak fluently - mixed with a few Urhobo words that we could quickly make up, sufficient to get us what we wanted.

We didn't realise all the while that her words were sinking in and we were picking up the language. Fast forward 15-20 years later, here I am writing and singing an Urhobo gospel song of praise to God with my mum's lyrics. Indeed, "Ekpewe vejiro owe...Oghene me...Mi Yeruwe"" - Makpo

Watch "Mi Yeruwe" Official Music Video Below:

Mi Yeruwe
Mi Yeruwe Oghene me mi yeruwe doh
Mi Yeruwe Oghene me mi yeruwe doh
Urioki to gheruvo tasu
Ekpewe vejiro owe
Mi Yeruwe Oghene me mi yeruwe doh
Tsa soma tsa soma nabo jero oghene
Tiyabo tiyabo gbekha jero oghene
Osobrugwe yoma Oghene me tega
Tsa soma tsa soma tiyabo tiyabo
Gbekha gbekha nabo jero Oghene
Worship the Lord
Everyone worship the Lord
Worship the Lord
Everyone worship mighty Jesus Christ
Makpo is a UK based worship leader & singer songwriter whose passion is to raise a banner of praise to God and convey the message of faith, hope and love to the world. Makpo's unique and soothing vocals and love for music is one that spans a journey of over 20 years. In his early teens, he discovered his talent in music when there was a need to start a teens choir in his local church in Abuja, Nigeria. This opportunity led to local vocal competitions, sing-offs, music battles - where teenage choir groups would compete for the best choir awards; which he and his group won several times and availed Makpo the opportunity to sing before hundreds and thousands. He went on to becoming a lead vocalist and Praise/Worship lead in several choirs at School, University & Churches. While on this journey he realised not only was he enjoying music, but each time he sang/played music people's spirits were lifted and there was a positive and joyful atmosphere. In his own words "music is like a vehicle that effectively conveys a message to it's listeners."

Makpo's album OVERCOME TODAY is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and YouTube. There's no better message to put out there than that of faith hope and love”. Makpo released his debut single “There Is A Name” in October 2015. His most recent music album project - “Overcome Today”, came out in May 2016. Overcome Today is an expression of his christian journey of faith & victory through praise. Conveying this passion through a blend of diverse music styles - R&B, Gospel, African Praise and Soft Rock genres. The album features gospel artists Kenny K'ore and Onos and producer Wilson Joel. Makpo also trained as an Economist and obtained a Master of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Leeds before his launch in the Business/Data Analysis market. Albeit, 'nothing' in his words, 'compare to the moments spent in the place of worship'. He lives in the UK with his wife (Odunola) and son. Makpo & Odunola are both Worship Leaders at their local church (Praise Embassy - RCCG). His repertoire of soothing, energetic, creative sounds would stir up a passion for praise to God and convey love, hope, faith, strength and joy to everyone who listens.

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter: @MakpoMusic
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