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Getting oil stains of your driveway - How to do it

Tiggy max
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There is one thing that infuriates me more than anything else and that is getting oil stains on the driveway. Not only can dirty used engine oil stains look terrible, but they are also a hazard to the environment. A car spilling oil on your driveway is not something that can be taken with a “pinch of salt”. Even though spots of oil may seem small, they can affect the overall appearance of your both your driveway and your home and the environment.

Check the condition of your vehicles sump is probably the best way to prevent oil leaking on your drive. If you take your car for a routine oil change then make sure that the auto technician has tighten the oil drain plug adequately before you leave the auto shop.

Most oil spillages seem to emanate from older vehicle with leaky engine bearing and seals, so never let a visitor with an old car park on your driveway. But, if keeping a keen eye on your vehicle or visitors vehicles doesn't stop oil spilling on to your driveway, then don't panic, because there is an effective solution to grotesque black stains on your drive. But first let me make it clear that delaying cleaning an oil stain is just as bad as the leak itself. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to clean it off. So if you see black engine oil on your driveway, don't wait and put things off for another day, get to work on cleaning it up as soon possible.

Even though used oil from car engines can be a hazard to your driveway and the environment, sometimes the chemical substances available for getting it off can be just as harmful than the actual oil spillage itself. However there is an environmentally friendly way to removing stains from your driveway and that is with a high pressure washer and some normal washing up liquid.

But what if the oil stain has been on your driveway for sometime?

Old used engine oil can have a natural chemical reaction with the lime found in concrete or man made block paving's - used to construct driveways. This reaction can cause the oil to crystallize and harden making them seem almost impossible to get rid off. But there is a wonderful answerer without having to resort to environmentally damaging chemicals. This solution comes in the form of a product called: Home & Driveway S-200 and is a very effective eco-friendly oil stain remover.

Home & Driveway S-200 although very efficient it is not as strong as some other forms of oil stain removers, but it is very safe for the environment. So when using it don't expect the oil stain to disappear on the first application - sometimes you have to go over it several times before the stain will vanish completely, but if you want to speed up the whole cleaning process then use a jet washer with your Home & Driveway S-200.

It only takes about 15 minutes to remove even the toughest of oil stains but once the stain has completely vanished you will probably have a very clean patch that may “stand out like a sore thumb” so I find it is best to carry on and clean the whole driveway.

Of course doing a whole driveway clean just because of one or two oil stain may not be what you really had in mind, but the best way to look at it is: all real estate agent are emphatic, that the cheapest way to add value to our home is by either doing a good job driveway cleaning ,Upvc or or contact roof cleaners in Sussex - better still do all of them and be the envey of your neighborhood.