Natural Alternatives of Phentermine for your Struggling with Excess Weight

Carl Casey
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Phentermine is a kind of drug that has the same formula as the amphetamine. It is prescribed by the doctors for the patients who suffer from excess weight and want to start a short-term program of weight losing. It acts as an effective appetite suppressant and fat burning element. The medicine has already helped thousands of people to stop overeating and gaining weight.

Phentermine Disadvantages
Phentermine belongs to the class of cures that can be bought only with a prescription. It is so because of a high risk of getting side effects as a result of overdosing and self-treatment. The whole course has to run under the prеcised professionals control.

Possible Risks
Phentermine may cause side effects concerning all systems of our organism. Being a stimulator, the medicine may cause a number of mental disorders and critical changes of mood. It also increases the blood pressure and the risk of heart attack appears. The patients often get diarrhea and nausea. After taking the pill you will probably find it difficult to fall asleep too.

Phentermine is prohibited for women during the pregnancy and belongs to the 4th class due to the CSA Schedule as one that may cause the abuse. To minimalize the risks patients have to follow the prescription and do not introduce any changes in the course without doctors consultation.

Natural Alternative Methods
There are several very simple, yet not less effective natural methods of decreasing the appetite without taking any pills for those who really care about their health.

Dr. Deborah Mitchell states that St. Johns wort is a great natural antioxidant and appetite suppressant. Its secret is hidden in a special acid that it contains called hypericin. This herb will not satisfy those who are looking for an immediate effect. The first changes will be felt in about one month of treatment.

Due to the Dutch scientists researches, the oil of Korean pine nut stimulates the production of cholecystokinin, which is the hormone that is responsible for the regulation of the feeling of hunger and fullness. 18 women took a part in the experiment and the level of the hormone was 36% higher after taking 3g of the oil.

Proper Diet
Elson M. Haas is the creator of a The False Fat Diet and he has developed the list of necessary nutrients that help to speed up the metabolism and increase the level of burnt fat in the body. Your everyday ration has to contain 1000-2000mg of arginine, 500-1000mg of glutamine and phenylalanine, 400mcg of chromium. Take the products and supplements that are rich in carnitine, ornithine, and tyrosine. Before starting the diet you should consult the doctor and find out if all these ingredients are appropriate for you.

You can find more about natural appetite suppressants at, there is also much information about some medicines that can be used as the Phentermine alternative, yet might seem less dangerous considering side effects.