How Can I Restore Data from Corrupt MS Backup File?

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Recover and Extract Windows Backup Data After Corruption

Keeping the data safe is the main motive for most of the users as it may contain all the critical information and they cannot afford to lose. To avoid any mishap that may lead to loss of data, users need to create a backup of the data. Windows NTBackup Utility is commonly used for creating backup of data as BKF file. This utility can be used to create and restore data from Backup file.

NTBackup Utility is available by default on Windows XP and NT versions of windows. However, users of advance versions of Windows like Windows 7, 8 or Vista can download Ntbackup.exe file for the same purpose. Sometimes, backup file can be corrupted due to issues like virus intrusion, interrupted backup, crashed hard disk, hardware/software failure, CRC Error etc. Unfortunately, this utility does not support recovery of data from corrupted or damaged BKF files. How can we restore windows backup data after corruption? An easy solution to recover MS Backup data is by using MS Backup Restore Tool.

Restore Corrupt Backup File - Key Features

  • Recover Complete Backup Data
    The Restore Tool recovers complete data from the backup file such as documents, images, music files and all other items and gives the preview of data after scanning.
  • No Size Limitation of Backup File
    It recovers data from Windows backup file of any size, as there is no size limitation for recoverable data. It supports both Windows NTBackup & Symantec Backup Exec files.
  • Extract Data from Corrupt BKF File
    The tool can be used to quickly scan, recover, and extract original files from a corrupt or damaged backup file (.bkf). The recovered data can be saved in desired location.
  • Supports Multiple Scanning Modes
    The tool supports three scanning modes for recovery of Backup file - Quick (For minor damaged file), Advanced (For highly corrupted file) & Range (For specific part of data).
  • Quick Search within Recovered BKF File
    To locate the desired file easily among the list of items, the Restore tool allows user to quickly search within the recovered data from corrupt Windows backup file.

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