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Choose the Best Knee Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India to Cure Knee Disorders

Rayen Neel
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Most patients seeking affordable cost knee surgery like to choose the best knee replacement surgery hospitals in India. Due to the expensive price of knee replacement treatment in the USA, due to the long waiting lists in Canada, Australia and the UK and the lack of sophisticated medical technology in many countries of the third world, medical tourism in India is being expected to grow into an industry having a market worth of 10 billion dollars. After realizing this fact the government of India, renowned medical corporations, private corporate hospitals, and abroad trained surgeons are coming to provide the best healthcare services to medical tourists coming from abroad. Today one can find the best knee replacement hospitals at Indian cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Chennai and Delhi. India is very much competitive like Thailand and Singapore in maintaining the level of healthcare, through its top standard facilities of clinics and hospitals, sophisticated surgical equipments for healthcare and more over top class renowned doctors and surgeons. It has large number of healthcare providers on the regional level.

Following are the main kinds of knee replacement surgeries:-

1) Total knee replacement surgery:-Surgery for total knee replacement eliminates all high weighted and damaged cartilages of the knee with an artificially made plastic or metal prosthetic joint that copies the knee function in a mechanical way. In the procedure of total knee replacement, a strong and well polished metal alloy is made to replace the femur part of the joint of the knee. A durable and strong polymer tray is made to replace the tibia portion of the knee joint. The surgery of total knee replacement takes one to two hours for completion.

2) Uni-compartmental knee replacement surgery:-Partial knee replacement is also known as uni-compartmental knee replacement surgery. This surgery becomes the choice if only a single portion of the compartment of the patient's knee gets damaged and needs replacement instead of the entire joint. In this surgery the implant for the patella, tibia and femur portion is inserted by making a smaller incision. After the surgery the patient has to stay one night at the hospital under post surgical observation.

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