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Healing Cervical Cancer In India Where Patient’s Pocket Matters

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The choice of cervical cancer treatment and its effect both depends up on the condition of patient and stage of cancer. Cervical Cancer is an uncommon type of cancer which develops in the cervix of the women. Cancer starts in the cells lining the cervix, lower part of the uterus womb. Abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells on the cervix which have some or the other affects on the health of the women. Studies indicate that it is one of the most common forms of cancer in women worldwide and there has been significant increase in number of women having Cervical Cancer. Most of cervical cancer is caused by virus named Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Generally the symptom of cancer does not cause any major sign or symptom until it has reached an advanced stage. Commonly seen signals are

 Unusual bleeding
 Discomfort and pain during sex
 Unpleasant smell from vaginal discharge
 Constipation
 Blood in urine
 Bone pain and swelling in arms or legs
 Loss of appetite and weight loss
 Lack of energy and tiredness and so on are some stated symptoms of cancer in the cervix.

If a patient is seeing these signs, consultation with doctors is must as early stage of cancer is treatable and easy to tackle. Various tests are recommended for evaluating cancer that is growth of unhealthy cells; they are Pap test advised by gynecologist. Other tests are biopsy along with cancer type, location, size etc.

When it come cost of treatment and a-like expenses, health-seeking patients look for a destination where the cost of cervical cancer treatment is low without compromising on the healthcare facilities and this is the reason why India has become the most chosen medical destination worldwide. Treatment package of cervical cancer treatment is very expensive in developed nations but India offers highly-affordable and budget-friendly treatment package to overseas patients. Indian oncology centers are well-equipped and backed by the support of well-trained Oncology surgeons who have great expertise to handle complex cases with ease and simplicity. Cost of Cervical Cancer is substantially-less when compared to hospitals in developed nations and overseas patients can save up-to a minimum of 40% in India.

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