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Take Benefit of the Affordable Gastric Banding Surgery Cost in India

Rayen Neel
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Gastric banding surgery cost in India is very affordable to the cost budget of abroad patients coming to India from destinations like the USA, Canada, UK and other countries of Europe. Morbid obesity has become a serious disorder that causes 40% mortalities in the entire world each year. Many patients come to get obesity surgeries like gastric banding in India because it has the best and most advanced medical treatment facilities. Due to liberal healthcare policies of the Indian government and growth of concept of medical tourism the medical infrastructure of India has developed a lot.

Gastric banding is the surgery that helps to attain weight loss. In this surgery the surgeon fixes a band around the upper portion of the stomach and creates a small pouch to hold the digested food. The gastric band creates a limit for the amount of food that a patient can eat by making him feel full after eating food in small quantities. After surgery, the surgeon or doctor can make adjustment in the gastric band to enable the food pass more slowly or quickly through the stomach of the patient. The patient will receive general anesthesia before undergoing this surgery. Due to the effect of anesthesia the patient will remain asleep and will not feel any pain. Gastric band surgery is done with the help of a tiny camera that is placed inside the belly of the patient. This kind of surgery is known as laparoscopy. The camera is known as laparoscope. It allows the surgeon to view inside the belly.

The surgeon will create 1 - 5 small surgical incisions in the abdomen of the patient. By these small incisions the surgeon places a camera and the instruments that are required to do the surgery. The surgeon places a band around the upper portion of the patient's stomach to make it separated from the lower portion. Thus a small pouch is created that has a narrow opening that opens into the bigger, lower portion of the stomach. The surgery does not involve any kind of stapling or cutting inside the belly of the patient. If the surgeon has done this procedure a lot of times then the surgery may take only one hour. When the patient eats after getting this surgery, the small pouch gets filled quickly. The patient feels full after eating only a small quantity of food. The food present in the small upper pouch gets emptied slowly into the main portion of the patient's stomach.

Abroad patients have got gratified with the affordable gastric band surgery cost in India. They are those patients have been suffering from morbid obesity since many years and are seeking surgical procedures like gastric banding with the most advanced medical facilities.

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