Low Cyber Knife Cost in India Helping Patients to Get Free From Brain Disorders

Rayen Neel
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Cyber Knife Treatment
Cyber knife surgery is done to cure various disorders of the brain. Today cyber knife treatment cost in India has become very less. It is due to this reason numerous patients from abroad destinations are planning their medical tour to India. Cyber knife treatment ranks among the latest cancer treatment procedures. It has opened up a new dimension and revolutionary approach in the field of stereotactic radio surgery for the cure of various types of cancers.

Cyber knife is an all total outpatient and non-invasive treatment procedures in which the tumors are destroyed through radiation. One of the main benefits of the treatment is that there are no side effects and risks of post surgery like other conventional surgical procedures. Radiation can be given to any part of the body very effectively.

History of cyber knife treatment
The history began in 1987 when John R. Adler, M.D., professor of neurosurgery and radiation oncology at Stanford University Medical Center, developed the Cyber knife System after completing a fellowship in Sweden with Lars Leksell, MD, the founder of radio surgery. With the Cyber knife System, Adler's vision was to develop a non-invasive robotic radio surgery system with superior accuracy for treatment of tumors anywhere in the body. The revolutionary concept reached far beyond the practice of radio surgery at the time, which restricted radio surgery to the treatment of intracranial tumors.

Since the launch of the Cyber knife System, Accuray has undertaken an aggressive strategy to develop system enhancements that facilitate clinicians' the ability to treat tumors anywhere in the body with the highest levels of accuracy. Currently, Accuray has installed more than 150 Cyber knife Systems worldwide and a large body of peer-reviewed papers supports its clinical practice. Accuray is committed not only to continuing its tradition of advancing the field of robotic radio surgery, but also to provide its customers with the highest level of support in their ongoing efforts to fight cancer.

The following conditions can be successfully treated with the Cyber knife surgery:

1. Spine tumors
2. Brain tumors
3. Lung cancers
4. Metastatic cancers or cancers that have spread to the brain, lung and spine

5. Pancreatic cancers
6. Prostate cancer for adults
7. Other lesions, tumors and conditions in the body where radiation treatment is indicated

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