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Tobias Nnadiekwe
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Truth About Biafra
Having carefully followed the vestiges of the struggle for the past years. I wish to ascertain that under the prevailing circumstance, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have gone a long way. We have been able to purchase a transmitter, built a Biafran house in Enugu and Spain. We have also built/still building a cenotaph in memory of our fallen heroes, and we are still achieving more! We also have Soldiers on ground. In fact, we are also raising funds for The Biafran Liberation fund, and more importantly, we have discovered Our Enemies. We also have presently the very popular Radiobiafra under the supreme directorship of Mr. Nnamdi Okwu Kanu and the infamous Bilie Human Right Initiative founded by Barrister Emeka Adolph Emeka. We also know who the Followers of Radio Biafra are, as well as the Followers of Bilie Human Right Initiative are, and we can now confidently submit that we now know The Way Forward!

As you would observe, I took time to embolden as well as underline the achievements/challenges made/encountered so far in the struggle. I will go a step further to outline what we ought to have achieved but have this far failed to achieve:

Transmitter: Of a truth, we know that we have a transmitter, but what until now, we do not know, except for occasional pieces of unconnected explanations, is why until now the transmitter has not been transmitting. It's over one year since that transmitter was purchased and considering the urgency with which it was purchased, and the many inherent promises that were made in the name of the transmitter, I feel, with a hundred percent confidence level, that the IPOB should have a working transmitter first and foremost before embarking on any other project. We do not want to have unfinished projects and/or unkept promises typical of the system in Nigeria. I do not want to conclude in haste that the pioneers of the transmitter did not do enough feasibility studies prior to its purchase.

Biafran Houses (Enugu and Spain): I believe the acquisition of an edifice for the gathering of IPOB in Enugu and Spain is necessary. However, I cannot decipher why the one at Enugu is called head quarters, while the one in Spain is called an embassy! Certainly, it couldn't be termed as such more especially, since some few individuals, leading by example, acquired the edifice for and in the name of Biafra. That having been said, the next question is what exactly would be the functions of these houses? Who are those to run these offices? Will they be paid? If so, under what capacity? I am sorry if these questions prick that part part of the conscience that most people have consciously ignored over the years in the struggle, but doesn't it look as though the struggle for Biafra liberation has been reduced to a time delay abracadabra. When this struggle started, Radio Biafra has outlined a three step approach:

Acquire a transmitter
Remember the fallen heroes
Get Biafra
I have raised some concerns about the transmitter, so I will go ahead to the second step, which is remembering our fallen heroes, by raising a cenotaph.

Cenotaph: This was the cynosure of activities for the first quarter of the year, and lots of funds were raised especially by those who want their names immortalized on pillars and certain permanent structures. The memorial was held and pictures were uploaded but quite interestingly, no picture was taken of the cenotaph except the image of a horrible eagle, which was supposedly placed on top of the cenotaph. There was also a hint that MASSOB members destroyed the cenotaph, but as no picture of the rumbles were shown, I take it as a rumor. However, the fact that the Biafran House in Spain has it's pictures splattered all over Facebook gave me some concern over the cenotaph. The fact that the Biafran house in Spain was built by a few silent individuals while the cenotaph was built by IPOB is something that gives me grave concern.

Soldiers on ground: We have been reliably informed that we have soldiers training in an undisclosed location. We do not know how many but we know they are training pretty well, although I still do not know how these soldiers on ground could have allowed the destruction of our cenotaph while they are still on ground. I would have thought all the Biafrans in diaspora who have brazenly declared interest to join the armed forces would have been aided to return to the country and do the actual training instead of wasting valuable time on Facebook making all sorts of threats while Boko Haram are having a field day! Having said that, I wish to add that another disturbing ideology that penetrates the mind at the mention of soldiers on ground is the panic radio Biafra raised when they perceived Boko Haram is infiltrating Biafra land disguised as herdsmen. One would have expected the Soldiers on ground to have silently trail the threats and slit their throats under cover of darkness. But that was not the case, instead the social media was filled with cries of herdsmen are in Biafra land and have been raping our women. I usually feel helpless and ask myself,"what are we suppose to do?" It always boils down to raising more money! We have raised enough, you will agree, to defend Biafra land from a few mallams, if not, then we may not have managed our finances properly. Perhaps it might be a signal for us to cut expenses and channel funds towards the liberation of Biafra.

Biafra Liberation Fund: This no doubt is a good idea, but doesn't it make it seem everything about Biafra has been all about money and making unnecessary enemies through inflammatory comments? Yes, there is BBC Hausa service, but they never campaigned for funds for Boko Haram! There was no Boko Haram Liberation Fund! This is because the fighter of Boko Haram are not afraid to die for their belief. They started with almost nothing but were able to disarm Nigeria Military and by so doing acquire weapons for themselves. I will take a few lines to point that one obvious reason the transmitter might not have been broadcasting could be due to the inability of IPOB to acquire a broadcasting license! So how can we smuggle (I believe that's the appropriate word) heavy ammunitions into Nigeria without alerting the customs. Finally, on this fund issue, I wish to point out that safe from very few Biafrans in Developed countries, majority of the rest are actually involved in illegal activities, not necessary by choice, but by condition. It is proceeds from these heinous transactions that they contribute to the IPOb's numerous financial burden. Many have been caught, imprisoned and even killed in the process. It is therefore our responsibility to manage whatever we want and see what could be done to facilite the Biafra restoration process so that these Biafrans can return home and be involved in occupations of honor.

Our Enemies: This is one aspect of the struggle that brings the taste of bitter bile to the mouth. There have been so many real and perceived enemies in the struggle. Most of whom has been classified as "dead men walking". Peter Obi the ex-governor of Anambra State, Ralph Uwazurike the Ex-leader of MASSOB, Rochas Okorocha the incumbent governor of Imo State, and their families are top notchers in the hit list, all mentioned in a live broadcast. The fact that Biafrans would cold heartedly plot the demise of their own blood sends cold shivers up my spine. I wouldn't dwell on that now, because, mere thinking of it, opens a window I would rather not peep through in the future Biafran Nature. Of course apart from the individually borne enmity, there is the tribal one, as IPOB over the months have planted, harnessed and harvested a pathological hatred for the Yoruba tribe for reasons borne out of grudges from the past. So from the foregoing, I can submit that IPOB is currently inoculating vicious hatred that might give rise to self inflictions if the detonator is not disarmed in a timely manner. And given the fact that these individuals, also have a group of their own, who probably are already armed, one couldn't help but flinch at the havoc that would result should the issue of self defense be implemented.

Radiobiafra: We are indeed fortunate to have radiobiafra, or are we? Perhaps radiobiafra is the most novel idea we have had so far in the struggle. It has been quite formidable when it comes to uniting the IPOB all over the world, however in spite of some positive attributes, it has transcended through several normenclatural statuses and tends to go beyond certain boundaries. To start with, it has almost successfully destroyed the Christian religion in its zeal to project a new religion called Biafra, thereby projecting Biafra as both a religion and a country. The deity of Jesus Christ has also been attacked and so has every churches such as the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church etc. in fact, broadcasting services has now been termed worship services thereby making innocent listeners compulsory worshippers. With time, the radio presenters moved from inflammatory attacks to British and Nigerian government towards attacking IPOBs. If as an individual or a group of individual you openly disagree with radiobiafra, you are either daft, clueless, an imbecile or fathered by an Hausa man or sometimes, all of the above. For those of us who started listening to radiobiafra from inception; Those of us who read listened to the cries of the founders when they were begging listeners to support them, hearing these series of insults on the IPOBs today doesn't sound as interesting as it sounds to the new listeners who in other to avoid getting insulted already turned to 'yes' men. I remember the era when radiobiafra was pleading for only a ten-man committee from every country with a firm statement that once the number of ten is attained, they would put a stop to the committee. This eventually, was not so. I remember when radiobiafra announced on air that they were making award plaques for those who have supported them so far and that it was so beautifully made that anyone who didn't receive it would feel bad or at a loss. This award never came till date. I also remember the promise of a unique identity card for all IPOBs in diaspora to enable them function in their respective countries even if they don't have papers, this identity card was not produced till date. I remember when radiobiafra promised to compile the names of all IPOB nation wide, they still don't have it. Radiobiafra promised us to defend us through the amiable barrister and attorney of law should any of us get into trouble with the immigration in whatever countries we were/are, but when on air it was announced that some key principals of the struggle in different countries were already having immigration problems, radiobiafra simply said, "well, that is why we are asking you people to support us so we can get Biafra." Perhaps the climax of it all was the promise of Biafra once the transmitter is purchased and start broadcasting from Biafra land. IPOB worldwide tasked their members heavily in order to meet the mandate, the money raised would have been enough to arm a small army, if for nothing else, to defend at least one Biafran state from the herdsmen that according to radiobiafra has been terrorizing the states, but although this money was raised and given the transmitter still has not broadcasted even for one day! And still the audience of radiobiafra are still restricted to IPOB in diaspora. There are still many more to cite, but the few mentioned would suffice for now.

NNAMDI OKWU KANU: He remains the loud and controversial director of radiobiafra, and is no doubt gifted with the power of oration and persuasion. According to him, he has studied Biafra for 18 years, which is something. He is a graduate of a college in UK and has a son, Nnaemeka, although has never mentioned being married nor give the name of his wife. He is a smart dresser and wear quite expensive apparels that made him stand out even when in the midst of his sponsors. He obviously love to travel and has visited many countries under the auspices of IPOB. at first, he would speak against the people in US for not supporting radiobiafra, calling them "burger eaters" who do not want Biafra liberated. Eventually, he was able to get a handful of US based supporters and suddenly made US a haven. At a time he even went to US for pilgrimage! During that time, he went off radar for sometime leaving the night broadcast to his deputy. Another remarkable, if we could use the word, about his personality is the romantic position he assumes in pictures with young beautiful Biafran girls. In fact, once upon a time, he went to US where he met one Chioma girl, a beautiful lady who calls him "lord and personal savior". Although we do not know the sexual history of Nnamdi, we do know he has a soft spot for beautiful girls, even though he does not verbally pronounce it. He has also proven to be a difficult person to work with as all the people, short of Uche Mefor, Carol Munday, and Emma Mmezu, has had to be discarded at one point or the other for disagreeing with him. Today, we had several Biafran coordinators who had been of great import in the struggle who have been laid off in spite of the great financial contributions they made. Worst of all is that he brands these guys enemies and supporters of the APC Nigerian political party. When I made a careful research into his background, I found out Nnamdi Kanu, even as he himself always say, is 'unforgiving'. Majority of the people he currently have on his hate list he happened to have worked with before. He has worked with Uwazurike of MASSOB, he campaigned for Peter Obi, he also worked with some Yoruba men. For some reasons, he had a disagreement with this people and has been promoting a campaign of hate against these people ever since. Today he calls them "dead men walking". Although, these individuals also have questionable antecedents with long shadows of dubious schemes trailing their personalities, somehow, he has been able to make his personal enemies that of IPOBs. No matter what truth are buried in these plots, it doesn't matter now, all we need is a clear and concise plan to get Biafra.

Perhaps IPOB should start asking questions about the true personality of Nnamdi Kanu. How many people have mentioned on air that they message him on different platforms and he did not respond? But once you mention money, he responds almost immediately! But of course, he usually carefully explains himself away. Whatever project IPOB suggest is insignificant unless it has money attached to it. Truth be told, it has always boiled down to money as long Nnamdi Kanu is concerned. The petition drafted online from a zealous Biafran, died from total neglect as only a few Biafrans got to know about it.

He has also shown himself to be a creative genius. Like a TV series, he has been able to spun out episodes of activities that keep IPOB conveniently distracted, with no questions asked. One major episode that got people excited was the grand news on the expiration of Nigeria on 31st of December, 2013. On the said day, he had a four hours broadcast and that was it! Nigeria continues to exist! At a time, the UN office in Malaysia, issued a notice to Nigerians in Malaysia who always disturb them for asylum status. The letter was clear and the instructions were straight forward but Nnamdi skillfully reformatted the idea in the letter to mean UN wants to make all coordinators in different countries ambassadors! That spark some interest, and might not be far from the reason the IPOB house in Spain has been mischievously termed, Biafran Embassy. He also had us quite excited when he told us that he has the mercenary to tap into Uwazurike's telephone conversations, a fact that became a preposterous prevarication, observed when he was conveniently absent when the cenotaph was destroyed.

Every now and then he test his control over unsuspecting listeners by making public the telephone numbers of some hotels or individuals and then ask Biafrans to bombard them with calls (telecommunication terrorism!), there is also the twitter campaign which apart from not achieving anything, made IPOB look like parasitic uninformed thugs disturbing the peace of innocent stars pursuing their legitimate activities. All this uncivil acts of course was in the name of "because we are formidable". The advertisement of people's private numbers on social media soon became the order of the day and was used and abused out of proportion by the self bleaching "forward ever, backward never" crooner.

Interestingly, Nnamdi Kanu hates Nigeria more than anything else. He has successfully sold the idea to IPOBs worldwide, not to answer Nigerian citizens. Still the supposed Biafrans travel with Nigerian pass port while he travels with a British pass port! So he is saying the truth about his citizenship while some if not all of us are blind to the reality of our travel documents! Enough said, it is now apparent that Nnamdi Kanu has no precise idea about how to get Biafra. He asked for a transmitter, we gave it to him, he ask for a cenotaph, we gave it to him, he ask for an equipped Biafran headquarters, we gave it to him. He asked for an equipped bus from Germany, we gave it to him. Yet the only thing we hear on the web radio are the reading of some anachronistic epistles of our colonial masters which we do not need! Who cares about some pieces of mundane history? We certainly are not Indiana Jones. And we certainly are not interested in his plot to go into an open debate with Prof. Wole Soyinka. All we want is Biafra. Period.

He is no doubt presently hinging on the hope that Boko Haram and/or some political factors would dismember Nigeria, and surely he would be there to take the glory with his usual slogan, "they listened to radiobiafra and did what we ask them to do!" O, he also claimed to have sued Peter Obi to court about the ezu river incidence but has never mentioned about what happened after that. A few questions that comes to my mind anytime I listen to radiobiafra is:

How did Boko Haram get so much sophisticated weapons?

How did niger delta militants get their sophisticated weapons?

Why is radiobiafra solely dependent on those in diaspora for funds and insult them when they get exhausted? Yes, the delay in the restoration of Biafra has been blamed on those in diaspora who have sheepishly been working themselves to the bone to continue dishing out funds, the monthly financial contribution/levies/dues not withstanding.

Finally, still on RBL, immediately RBL had a disagreement with Bilie, the director claimed to have contracted lawyers, working for free, to persecute the then incumbent governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi, over the Izu river killings. But until today, no update and of course none care to find out because we are all busy dreaming about Biafra while worshiping at a web radio.

Bilie Human Right Initiative: A group much respected at a time until they became ostracized by radiobiafra. Perhaps the most unique achievement of this group was to "sue Nigeria to a Federal court in Nigeria". This court case was highly decorated as well as promoted for sometime by Radiobiafra and got people excited. With time, it became apparent that this time killing activity, while grand enough to keep IPOB hooked, lost taste when radiobiafra decided not to sponsor it with the IPOBs money. Steve Ikpa raised the danger signal, and some interested parties wrote the director of radiobiafra, who conveniently ignored them and cut them off from the struggle by rebranding them as fraudulent. Since then until now, the two groups had been on loggerheads with radiobiafra taking the lead with more followers. Bilie probably looked back and seeing the importance of mass media to keep the financial tap running quickly resorted to creating a mass media of their own in the name of Biafra Voice International. The so called council of elders established by the group has more of patriotic Nigerian citizens than Biafran agitators. Mr. Ikedife in a recent interview even warned that Nigeria is on the brink of breaking apart IF the Northern crisis was not carefully resolved. Although, many indigenes still dreaming of Biafra, will not agree to this fact, Bilie and RBL are run by impoverish individuals, gifted with the power of persuasion, but after one thing, to enrich themselves.

Conclusion: Biafra will come. We all know it will come. If it doesn't come next year, it probably will not come for a long time. Bilie Human Rights Initiative is wasting precious time in the court of law, Radiobiafra limited is wasting time on air. Only Benjamin Onwuka with his movement have achieved something tangible borne out of bravery, albeit ill prepared. If IPOB had given BZM a little support, with Boko Haram already putting the armed forces busy with fire fights, we should have been singing the Biafran national anthem in morning assemblies by now. But it didn't happen, because the plan by these two intellectuals, the attorney of Bilie, who has acquired so much knowledge that it would be difficult for the business man with little education to defeat him in an intellectual conversation, and the director of Radiobiafra, who have studied Biafra (according to him) for 18 years, and so has mastered every conceivable counter response to argue nets about Biafra, is to keep the Biafran hope alive until next year, when there would be a disagreement between the north and south based on electoral agreement. This will naturally cause the north to seek division and thereby liberating Biafra. Hence, while Bilie is wasting time in the court of law trying to negotiate a freedom that is not for sale, radiobiafra is wasting time on air with news and analysis, together with fund raising campaigns.

This newsletter/open letter is not meant for every one, but for those who have foresight based on hindsight to see that we want Biafra by every sensible means possible without subjecting our pockets to unnecessary pecuniary buoyancy. The solution to these would be to reconstitute the IPOB leaders with men that over the years have proven themselves. We know who these men are.