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How to Recover Files from Windows XP Backups in a Windows 7/8 System?

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Backup files are like blood bank for computers, in case any accidents like deletion or corruption happens, you can recover it through backup files. But users are not aware of the importance of backup files for system data and when any disaster situations hit them they lose all of their vital data forever. Therefore, to avoid permanent loss of all your confidential and hardly earned information from years you should backup up of your data all the time with you. Some users generally come up with queries like how to recover files from Windows XP backup in Windows 7/8, read this above discussed section to know exact solution for this query.

Backup files earlier in Windows Operating System was created using NTBackup utility but this NTBackup utility gets eliminated as Windows OS gets updated. In Windows 7 this NTBackup utility gets replaced with Backup and Restore and in Windows 8 this utility gets replaced with File History. Both OS 7/8 does not support BKF file format to restore backup files on them due to which users face problems in restoring valuable data into their system.

Why BKF Files Are Not Accessible Into Windows 7/8?

BKF files are created with NTBackup utility, where as Backup and Restore creates VHD files therefore both file formats differ from each other. Compatibility and functionality of both files are different and thus are not accessible into other platforms. Moreover, if user tries to restore BKF file data on Windows 7/8 systems then BKF files can display error message or might become corrupt.

Now what if your BKF files gets corrupt and you urgently need to access contents all of its content for your business meeting? In such case you are only left with option is third party tool, you need to hire commercial BKF Recovery tool to get backup corrupt BKF file data on your system. There are plenty of third party tool in market that promise to repair BKF file data but how many of them guarantee perfection.

Here are few qualities of tool that must be considered while purchasing the tool:

• Complete recovery of BKF file data must be first quality of third party tool, so that no data is left without recovery for business purposes.

• Powerful scanning options are next necessary steps that must be presented in tool; each and every detail of BKF files can be extracted.

• The software must be capable of recovering large sized BKF file so that user doesn't face any problem with data limitation.

• It must provide provision of exporting selective data from BKF file so that selective data can be obtained from large sized BKF file.

Do have such tool with you? No!! Don't worry use SysTools BKF RECOVERY tool that is embedded with all above listed qualities that makes the process of BKF file recovery an easy task without any complications. Moreover, the tool is also capable of resolving queries like how to recover files form Windows XP backup in Windows 7/8.

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