APC USA International Calls For An Investigation Into Gen. Odidi’s Botched Appointment In DICON

Was General Odidi’s enrollment in Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) is to prepare him for Promotion or a diversionary plan to deny him ascension to the DG post in DICON?

What kind of bizarre undertaking is that? Was this supposed appointment some schematic design with the specific purpose of embarrassing the general? Or, does the general’s technocratic ingenuity so a much threat to the establishment? Someone correct me, were people of the general’s credential not what the Buhari administration stated it desires in leading our ministries and parastatals? NICON is yet to provide any justification for sending General Odidi to ASCON. What kind of training will the general receive from ASCON that will better prepare him for the DG post that he has not already possess?

It’s becoming glaringly clear the Buhari Administration is going to face strong opposition from those have been entrenched the old methods of civil service. Major General E.R. Chioba, the outgoing Director General of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) refusal to handover to his would be successor Director General, Brigadier General Augustine Odidi on July 20th is ominous and disturbing. General Chioba’s indefensible action may not have the blessing of the president or his senior advisors, whose wish is to assure success at DICON.

What is surprising and alarming is that this is happening under President Muhammadu Buhari’s doorstep. Those satisfied with the status quo are using the smoke and clouds of the confusion to continue their assault on our economy and on our national psyche. Their actions are tantamount to the most organized structure in the world, known to as “Esprit De Corps”. Posterity will not forgive us, “What Goes around Comes around!”

There are no doubt Nigerians need answers to our continuing questions:

  1. Who are/is behind this saga?
  2. Was the promotion/appointment a mistake?
  3. On what grounds was promotion declined?
  4. What has he done to warrant this?
  5. Whose toes did he stepped on?
  6. Who instructed the refusal to handover?
  7. Are these new service chiefs’ intervention strategies?
  8. Why was he asked to proceed on sabbatical ASCON training?
  9. Is he not capable with his current wealth of experience to run DICON?
  10. What happens after ASCON training: Promotion or Retirement?
  11. What will be done to the officer that refused handover; promoted or retired or honored?
  12. What will happen co-conspirators?
  13. Will there be a thorough investigation?
  14. What is the qualification of incoming officer?
  15. Did he attended ASCON before this posting?
  16. What message will this convey to general public?
  17. How can you regain public confidence?
  18. Is the President aware of this saga?
  19. Did all DICON past and outgoing DGs go to ASCON first before assuming positions?
  20. Attendance of ASCON is a new requirement to attain such positions or higher?
  21. What is the evidence to enforce ASCON training on would be DGs?
  22. How does DICON fair against foreign DICON such as the one in Brazil?

APC administration cannot be associated with this mishap, if it aspires to be seen as agent of change and integrity. President Muhammadu Buhari must hear this and take urgent action to uphold folks without God fathers, as mentioned in his recent inaugural speech, “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody”, folks like Brig. Gen. AO Odidi looks up to you for security, safety and justice. Furthermore, Justice delayed is Justice Denied! Believing with the appointment of the best Industrial Engineer to DICON; it will bring about a new leaf of business in DICON, while aspiring Nigeria combat readiness. The Buhari Administration must let us know why it stands on the blockage of General Odiddi’s appointment.

Below are achievements/comparative analysis of Brazil and Nigeria Defence Industries Corporation, both were established in 1964. As you can see, Nigeria is way behind Brazil, while Brazil is booming in ammunition, aircrafts ordeals, profits, etc. A status Brigadier General Augustine Odidi was equipped to take DICON in a jiffy.

Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria Achievements:

Defence Industries Corporation of Brazil Achievements, Defence Talk Newspaper publication dated August 23rd, 2012 enumerated Brazil below:

With the advent of new Service Chiefs, we don’t envisage handover refusal to Brig. Gen AO Odidi, and send forth ASCON training notified July 29th. Whatever the matter will this issue should not be swept under the carpet like past regimes, while the entire country is rebuilding trust in the Military. It is unsure if this was true, that Major General E.R. Chioba used the Sallah break as a yardstick not to handover, stated are you here to arrest me and working on the directives of my superior officers, he added.

However, this press release will not miss Mr. President’s attention, while Nigerians awaits the aftermath of Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) Training: Promotion or Retirement. It is not expected Nigerian Army will ever compromise steadfastness, Professionalism, etc.

APC USA International Secretariat


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