Unlike Wole Soyinka, other darkiesare dweebs

Dweebs! Dweebs! Dweebs!
The last harvests of Africa,
From the schooling fields
Of London, Europe and America.
They whirl in the dwaal of culture,
Language, self-identity, and technology.
They come from London double dweebs,
Straggling in the sward of not knowing,
Giving English names to their poor off-springs,
Teaching them un-grammatical tongues of Europe;
An English that looks like a carouser’s waffle.

They struggle for attires from Mark and Spencer,
The senseless squabs of English marketers,
Them the sons and daughters of powers that be
From Kenya, the land so sunk deep in the mire of corruption,

Where political families take their dunces overseas,

To London, for education, net-work and greatness,
As if money can be turned into mind-power.
But no, they come back perfect dweebs in a dwaal,
Of culture, intellect and un-awareness of what is to be done,

Like Ben Waswa the former hospital cleaner, shithole citizen,

Sweeping clean infirmaries of London and
Dispensaries in the rurality of Englishshires,
He reeks the wrong side of poor Europe
For he came back a double dweeb, a jaded one,
Indeed; he keeps rotten food in the fridge, and rotten

Foot in the history’s glove of black civilization

He praysGod to kill those that reserved black culture,

He takes the church to be the source of easy cash,
Pastorate a cash-cow of his day, and Islam
A fountain terrorism to be hated for no reason.
Him a perfect dweeb like the usual bourgeoisie dweebs of Kenya,

They all went to school in London, though they met not a tincture

Of any minuscule qualification for domestic university education.

They ever come back with degrees from English universities,

East Anglia and other snobbish stuffs of the like mettle,

They are only perfect in corruption, blue collar crimes,

Tribal hatred, ethnic profiling, andLooting of the state.

As they keepAfrica in the sorriest state of wallowing

In the dark mire of despair, poverty and ignorance,

Where are the moderns Africans in the measure of
Soyinka, Achebe, Ngugi, Banda,
Senghor, Ousmane, Clark, Nyerere,
Wamalwa, Emecheta and Okigbo,
They came from London the new fires,
Warming hearths and inglenooks of Africa
Out of abyss of colonial oppression and mental slavery.

By -Alexander Opicho
From- Lodwar, Kenya

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