Poverty is the root of Biafra”

A civil right activict, Comrade Femi Aborisade has noted that the main cause for seccession by some Igbos in the country is poverty and joblessness.

Aborisade explained that if the Federal Government address the issue of poverty by empowering the youths and making sure the country’s resources satisfy the basic needs of the ordinary people then the agitation for secession will disappear.

The Comrade said this during a telephone conversation with our reporter on his take for the demand of secession.

Aborisade posited that breaking up Nigeria is not the solution to the problems on ground but rather that the government should address the issue of poverty. He said government should take money from the rich to the poor.

He stated that if Nigeria is broken up, the problem of poverty would be multiplied into the number of countries Nigeria is divided into.

His words,”Government should address the issue of poverty and take money from the rich to the poor. In a country where some politicians are richer than the country itself and some Governors are richer than their States, poverty is really a problem to be addressed.

“Resources should be made to satisfy the baisc needs of the ordinary people, if this is done, the call for secession will disappear.”

A Igbo trader speaking on whether Nigeria should be divided as being agigatated, Nnikiruka Dickson said,” We are one and should not be divided. The Government should rather call these people and ask them what exaclty they want, if it is that the Yoruba or Hausa have offended them, they should ask them so as to settle the matter. To my fellow Igbos, please lets not fight, whatever it is you need, tell the Government, fight will lead to war and war will destroy everything.”

Also an Hausa trader, Ali Shagari expressed that the call for seccession by the Igbos and the threat of the Hausa to them is nothing but nonsence. He said,” The fight between the Igbos and some Hausa called Arewa is a total rubbish. I have lived in Igbo states before and everything was peaceful. I don’t know what is wrong with the two groups, the Government should better talk to them, we are all citizens of Nigeria, we are together and we should stay together. Everybody should just go about his business without any interference. The Government should warn these people seriously.”

Speaking too, Mr Yinka Salaam said,”Nigeria must remain indivisible, all problems must be resolved and restructuring must take place, resource control is welcomed, true federalism must be pursed but seccession is criminal. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world with huge and massive human and material resources and so remains the only hope of the black race.”

In his own opinion, Ojo AbdulAfeez said, “ I do not support Nigeria being divided because we are one, we mix together and share resources together and do business transaction together too. Now my question is that those Arewa group that gave Igbo quit notice, do they want them to carry their houses? and the same question goes to the Biafra people, what exactly will they gain from this barbaric act? I stand with one Nigeria.”

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