Are you a scalar quantity or a vector quantity? Scalars are merely credited with magnitude whereas vectors have both magnitude and direction….as they know where they are going. Plans, objectives, goals, mission, vision. Prospective and retrospective evaluation. I operate in the realms of vectors. Geography, the course I would have studied but made the fatal error of not. I love algebra, surds, trigonometry, arithmetic… lesser than the physical sciences of physics and chemistry. I think in coordinates….so I love longitudes and latitudes. No. my divisions and stratifications transcend my compound, the whole of the building in which I reside or mere rooms…and goes to levels as lower as my study table….or my office table…. That I quite subconsciously love to divide into grids…..figures on the x axis and alphabets on the y axis…as my arms work like a robotic lever …..and very often I also incorporate a z axis….as my obsession with the axes of space propel me to think in 3D if for instance PHCN should suddenly cut power. Where is my stapler…should be in A2. And felt pen? D4 of course. I have cause to be eternally glad that I make a good use of my vital senses….vision, hearing, smell, propioception, balance. I do not engage in random motion. I am vector quantity…..not a scalar.

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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