AASU On Racism At Pretoria Girls’ School In South Africa

We have learnt with great sadness the interdiction imposed on Pretoria Girls’ School students not to wear their afro hair-do and to speak African languages at school in the name of fitting in. This decision of the Pretoria Girls’ school authorities is in consonant with the policies of the then apartheid system in South Africa.

This is not acceptable after the collapse of the obnoxious apartheid regime for over 20 years and an African National Congress (ANC) Government in the helm of affairs in South Africa. This policy is not only a violation of human right but also hindrance to girl child education therefore to global development.

We, at AASU, call for the immediate end of this policy in Pretoria Girls’ School and for the promotion of African values and cultures in that School and schools all over Africa.

AASU urge the South African Government to take the necessary steps to compel the school authorities to reverse this policy if they are not willing to do so.

We call on all democratic forces in South Africa and across Africa to join hands to stop this racist policy.

Stop racism at Pretoria Girls’ School!
Awaah Fred
(Secretary General)
www.aasuonline.org ; akaphari@yahoo.com/secgen@aasuonline.org ; +233(0)243101626

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