Nigerian Youths Advocate for Age Reduction Bill

A group of Civil Society stakeholders in Nigeria are advocating for the passage of an age reduction bill‎ on lawmakers.

The bill tagged #NotTooYoungToRun seeks to lower the constitutional age requirement for contesting for elections in Nigeria. The Bill also seeks to mainstream independent candidacy into Nigeria's electoral process.

In a public debate held in Abuja, on Wednesday, stakeholders had a sit down to address critical and incisive analysis of the general principles of the bill.

Hon. Tony Nwulu, sponsor of the #NotTooYoungToRun bill, in his remark said that the Youths are not the leaders of tomorrow , they are the leaders of today."

"We are not saying the Senators should vacate their various offices. What we are saying is that‎ let there be a gradual inter-generational transfer of democratic processes and systems,"

He also said for the youths to partake they need to understand politics at the grassroots level.

Samson Itodo, the Convener of the #NotTooYoungToRun Campaign said that the campaign is to promote active youth participation and constitutional amendment engagement.

"Young people have contributed a lot to the advancement of democracy. We are demanding that a space be created for young people as a matter of rights to tap into the resourcefulness of our country."

He explained the bill. "The bill seeks to Reduce the age for the office of the President from 40 to 30 years; Governor from 35 to 30 years; Senate 35 to 30 years;‎ House of Representatives 30 to 25 years; and State House of Assembly 30 to 25 years respectively.

He added that The vitality of the democracy is hinged on the level and quality of citizen's participation in the electoral process.‎ Political alienation and marginalisation is not only anti-democratic but a recipe for political instability.

When asked about the importance of the bill's passage, Chief executive of connected development, Hamzat Lawal said that the bill provides a constitutional space and empowers young people to engage in democratic processes.

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