How we score Buhari's on year in office: analysts

Analysts on Sunday expressed mixed reactions on the first year anniversary of the administration of President Muhammed Buhari.

Expressing their views on the performance of the administration, some acclaimed the regime as progressive while others said there was a lot of rooms for improvement.

Speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, a lawyer, Mr Dipo Lawal, said that Buhari's government had propelled the nation forward, especially in justice delivery.

“The unprecedented apprehension and prosecution of untouchable government officials accused of embezzlement of public fund is happening in the present regime.

“In the previous regimes, some institutions like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission were set up just like ceremonial institutions.

“They did not do much. They barked but could not bite.''

Lawal described the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government as the “right step in the right direction,'' but urged Nigerians to be ready to sacrifice.

“It behooves on us all to understand that if the country will be better economically, we have to be patient.

“It may not yield the social and economic dividends we expect at present but it surely will in future.''

According to him, Buhari has also saved the nation from collapse.

“For the past 16 years, the issue of security has been pathetic but in just one year, we have the terrorists chased away and many villages and towns captured by them have now been recovered.''

Lawal said, however, said that the nation was still behind on the issue of achieving true democracy.

He argued that the country's democracy was still plagued by rifts and unnecessary altercations.

Another analyst, Mr Mike Olisa, advised Buhari to implement policies that would benefit the poor masses.

“He should execute implement that will be beneficial to the common people, empowering the poor not enriching the politicians.

“He should not face long-term projects and forget the day to day needs of the masses.''

Olisa argued, however, that corruption had reduced under Buhari's administration but that fighting corruption must not be restricted to people from the opposition.

The lawyer said that the removal of fuel subsidy was a good plan if it was well implemented to strike a balance.

“If there is removal of fuel subsidy, the government should provide alternative means that people can survive on.

“If petroleum product is increased, there should be things in place that people can find solace in like electricity.

“If there is improvement in electricity supply, it can mitigate the hike in the cost of petroleum products,'' he said. (NAN)

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